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Amy Furrey

  • Snow Day: Monday, March 4, 2019


    Monday - Take Unit 9 test.  I will email it to you.  Be sure to follow the take home test rules.  You should be taking the test in the presence of a parent.

    Tuesday - Read "A World of Ideas" Unit 10 on pages 239-248.  Answer the questions on page 249 and do the History Paragraph on page 250. 

  • Snow Day: February 20, 2019


    Unit 8 test is moved to Friday.

    Wednesday: Do the Economics Paragraph on page 225.  Using this link, watch the video "Biblical Christian Worldview: Economics" (6 minutes).  Fill in the outline on page 226.  Do the Private Property exercise on page 227.

    Thursday: Answer the following questions: 1. What does socialism entail?  2. Why is socialism difficult to implement?  3. How does socialism fail to account for the current fallen state of humanity?  Do Sphere of Labor exercise on page 228.  Look over the What Do You Value exercise on page 229.  We will do this assignment later in the unit.  Be thinking of an organization you want to look into.

    Enjoy your day! 

  • Christian Worldview Homework for Tuesday, February 12

    Here is the link for the videos:

    Read the blue box information on page 208. 

    Watch "How I Became a Dissident" (10 minutes) and answer the questions in your workbook on page 208.

    Watch "Life After Communism" (15 minutes) and answer the questions in your workbook on page 210. 


  • Snow Day: Friday, February 8, 2019


    Enjoy your extra day at home.  No homework today!  We will do the videos for this unit on Monday and Wednesday next week.  Unit test will be next Friday, Feb. 15.  

  • Snow Day: Wednesday, February 6, 2019


    Wednesday - Do the Political Charge Exercise on page 209 of your workbook.  When you look up the Bible verses, write down what each one is saying about the topic it is listed under.  For example, what does Jeremiah 23:5 say about Administration of Justice. 

    Thursday - Read Pig Book chapter 11 and answer the discussion questions beginning on page 211.

    Enjoy your day! 


  • Snow Day: Wednesday, January 30, 2019

    CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW: Wednesday and Thursday Homework

    Study for  Unit 7 test on Friday, Feb. 1.  You will need to know the following:

    *Key question, key ideas, key terms, and Acts 17:31

    *Four characteristics of a judge

    *Two purposes of law

    *10 laws of boundaries

    *Review outline notes from Guard Your Heart video

    Read "A World of Ideas" Unit 8 - Politics pages 191-201.  Answer questions on page 202.

    Stay warm!!! 

  • Snow Day: Monday, January 14


    Monday- Finish the video "Marriage and Family Part 2" at beginning at 28 minutes.  Watch the video "God's Plan for Marriage" at  Fill in the video outline on pages 153-155 in your workbook.  Begin studying for Unit 6 test.

    Tuesday- Watch the video "Marriage Counterfeits" at  Fill in the video outline on pages 156-157 in your workbook.  Answer video questions on page 158.  Study for Unit 6 test.

    You will need to know the key question, key idea, and key terms for the test.  Bonus: Key verse- Hebrews 2:11.   

    Enjoy your snow day!

  • Snow Day: Monday, November 25, 2018

    CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW: Read Pig Book chapter 9 and answer questions on page 135.
  • The Enchanted Bookshop Cast and Crew List

    Margie Olivia Poteet (homeshool)
    Bombalurina (cat) Erika Rehmer
    Mom / Rapunzel Mackenzie Moulton (homeschool)
    Timmy / Royal Cardsman Daniel Nevels
    Robin Hood Isaac Dynnys (homeschool)
    Tom Sawyer Luke Rehmer
    Sherlock Holmes David Bessert
    Toto (dog) Sylarra Wallen
    Dorothy Grace Beaher (homeschool)
    Heidi Sophia Ostapenko
    Pollyanna Aubrey Dynnys (homeschool)
    Book Fairy/MC /Amelia Bedelia Kailee Garrett (homeschool) Lady in Red / Queen of Hearts Shelly Raines
    Fagin / Royal Cardsman Isaac Cormican
    Long John Silver / Cat in the Hat Christian Ford
    Officer Ketchum / Red Riding Hood Destiny Ward
    Fingers Alexandra Luvin
    Ellie Bethany Rogers (public school)
    Doctor Dolittle / Waldo Samuel Weekley
    Frankenstein David Rogers (public school)
    Wicked Witch of the West Annabelle Dynnys (homeschool) Hopalong Cassidy / Dr. Watson Eli Dynnys
    Director: Katelynn Nevils
    Assistant Director: Dharma Leon
    Stage Manager: Tori Price
    Sound Effects Operator: Isaac Greer
    Sound Engineer: Carlos Leon
    Properties: Chloe Andresen
    Stage Lights: Shiloh Conroy
    Left Spotlight: Hailie Spratley
    Right Spotlight: Sophia Poteet
    Set Construction: Carlos Leon and _________
    Set Painting: Robin Blake and __________
    Hair and Makeup: Dharma Leon, Kailee Garrett, Kristen Herren
  • Snow Day: Monday, February 12, 2018

    HEALTH: Continue filling out your study guide.  Use both textbooks to look for answers.  You will turn in your study guides on Wednesday.  

    CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW: Using your workbook, look back at Units 1-9 and write a list of one thing you learned about your worldview in each unit.  Explain why this was something new to you.  Unit 9 test will be Friday, begin reviewing.  

  • SNOW DAY: Monday, January 15, 2018

    Homework is for Monday and Tuesday.  Enjoy your day at home :)

    12th Grade Health:

    Read pp. 153-164.  Do all of Section Review 6.3 p. 165

    Read pp. 165-184.  Do all of Section Review 6.4 p. 185

    Take notes and be prepared to share them in class on Friday.


    12th Grade Christian Worldview:

    Read Pig Book Chapter 8 and answer questions on workbook p. 188.

    Answer video question #1 on p. 187.  We will finish up the video on Wednesday.   

    Begin reviewing for "Law" test.   


    12th Grade British Literature:

    Read "David Copperfield" pp. 399-410.  Answer questions on p.410 and make a list of how this reading selection gives an accurate portrayal of the lower and middle classes.

    We will begin "Great Expectations" on Wednesday. 

  • Snow Day Friday, January 13, 2017

    Seniors, I am including homework for Monday and Tuesday, January 16-17 just in case.  Please only do Monday and Tuesday work if we have a snow day Monday. 


    Friday- Complete the take home quiz "Drugs as Medicine"

    Monday- Read Section 7.2 (vintage Health book) pp. 244-254.  Do p. 255.

    Tuesday- Do Think on p. 268

    Christian Worldview:

    Friday- Read Pig Book Chapter 9.  Do questions on workbook p. 135.

    Monday- Read

    Tuesday- Journal about the article you read Monday.  Thoughts, further questions, etc.

     Stay warm and safe!

  • Snow Day: Monday, March 3, 2014 and Tuesday, March 4, 2014

    Christian Worldview 11th Grade

    Begin reviewing Unit 6.  We will finish the video Wednesday.  Test will be Friday.

    Health 12th Grade

    Take Chapter 7 Test.  Read all of Chapter 8.  You do NOT have to do any of the questions. 

    Personal Finance 11th &12th Grade

    Take Unit 12 Test.  Do the "Before You Begin" for Unit 6.

    College Prep/American Literature(Seniors ONLY!)

    Continue to work on research paper.  Be sure to go to the Purdue OWL website!

    Take "The Crucible" Test.  Begin reading "The Great Gatsby"; read at least Chapter 1. 

    Themes in Literature 9th & 11th Grade

    The Pilgrim's Progress: Read pp. 141-154. Do worksheet page 342 all; page 353 all, page 361 all; 371 #1; page 372 all; page 381 #1; page 382 #4.

    Remember ALL vocabulary words are due Friday.  

    American Literature 11th Grade

    Complete worksheet for Chapter 1-5.  Read Chapter 6-7.

    8th Grade Reading

    Finish reading Chapter 10.  Read Chapter 11 and 12.  Begin working on worksheet questions.

  • 8th, 9th, 11th, & 12th Homework for Monday, February 10 and Tuesday, February 11, 2014

    Christian Worldview 11th Grade

    Do the exercise on page 149 of your workbook.

    Health 12th Grade

    Test Wednesday. 

    Personal Finance 11th &12th Grade

    Unit 11 test Wednesday

    College Prep/American Literature(Seniors ONLY!)

    Argumentation Essay due Wednesday.  Please let me know if there are any questions with this.

    The Crucible- Act 3 AND Act 4 vocab test Wednesday. 

    Themes in Literature 9th & 11th Grade

    The Pilgrim's Progress: Read pp. 58-67.  Do worksheet page 181 # 2-4; page 190 #1, 2b, 3; page 191 #4; page 200 #1 & 4; page 201 #6 & 7.

    Do the following vocabulary words on your list: pilgrimage, clad, detestation, cogitations, vanquished, prevail, averse, implacable.

    American Literature 11th Grade

    Act 4 vocabulary test Wednesday.  Be prepared to discuss your thoughts about "The Crucible"; likes and dislikes. 

    8th Grade Reading

    Read Chap. 4  "The Hiding Place".  On paper, answer the following questions:

    1. What did Mama mean when she said "Happiness isn't about something that depends on our surroundings, Corrie.  It's something we make inside ourselves"?

    2. How did Tante Jans change her attitude about earning her way into heaven will all of her good deeds?  On what or whom did she depend as she faced death?

    3. Do you think Karel led Corrie to believe there was more to his relationship with her than actually existed? 

    4. How did Corrie's family come to her rescue as Karel and his fiancee visited the Beje?

    5. How did Corrie manage to put her feelings for Karel in a new perspective?

    6. What action did Father take when he learned Otto's mistreatment of Christoffels?

    7. In Chapter 4 Betsie falls ill and Corrie takes over her responsibilities in the shop.  What do Corrie and Betsie discover as they reverse roles?

    8. Read through 1Corinthians 12:12-27.  How does this passage reflect the importance of each individual within a church or family?

    9. Some events in the stroy are written out of order.  Name several instances of flashbacks (a place where the author stops the story and describes something from the past).  Why did the author do this?

  • 8th, 9th, 11th, & 12th Grades: Homework for Friday, February 7, 2014



    Christian Worldview 11th Grade


    Health 12th Grade

    None.  Test Monday.

    Personal Finance 11th &12th Grade

    Unit 11 test will be Monday.

    College Prep/American Literature(Seniors ONLY!)

    Continue working on Argumentation Essay.

    The Crucible- Act 3 AND Act 4 Vocab Tests Monday. 

    Themes in Literature 9th & 11th Grade

    The Pilgrim's Progress: Read pp. 53-58.  Do all of worksheet page 173.

    Do the following vocabulary words on your list: settle, haven, nimbly, condole, doleful, shift, miscarriage, stately, lodging, furlong, porter, narrowly, discretion, prudence, piety.

    American Literature 11th Grade

    Act 4 vocabulary test Monday, February 10.

    8th Grade Reading

    Read Chap. 3 "The Hiding Place". Answer the following questions from Chapter 1 & 2 on a piece of paper:

    1. Describe father's personality.

    2. Give an example of a time that father expresses wisdom to Corrie as he answers her questions and/or calms her fears.

    3. Foreshadowing  is a device authors use to indicate something that is to come.  It can be a sort of warning.  For example, black clouds indicate or foreshadow a storm.  List two examples of foreshadowing in Chapter 1.

    4. Tante Jans believed that our welfare in the hereafter depended on how much we could accomplish here on earth.  Did Tante Jans believe we could earn our way into heaven?  What do you think?

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