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Linda Dial

  • Daniel Weekend Homework January 17

    Daniel January 21 Homework


    Spelling: definitions for OO/OA:

    1. approach

    2. charcoal

    3. preloaded

    4. reproach

    5. recoating

    6. monsoon

    7. macaroon

    8. waterproof

    9. gloomily

    10. taboo

    11. toadstool

    12. typhoon

    13. woolen

    14. overlook

    15. tycoon

    16. thorough

    17. handkerchief


    Handwriting: page 87


    Jump In: continue taking notes and working on your rough bibliography


    (Science is some worksheets that I can’t give you through the computer, so it will have to be done on Tuesday)


    History: Chapter 6 Check up E, F, G, H on pages 102-3. You don’t have to write in complete sentences

  • Icky Weather January 17 2020

    Icky Weather Day January 17, 2020


    *Daniel, there is a separate post for your weekend homework.*


    Handwriting: page 80


    Jump In: Find 5 books (at least 2 with multiple authors), 2 magazines, and 5 internet sources to practice MLA format. These sources don’t even have to be nonfiction. (If you don’t happen to have any magazines or books with multiple authors at home, have a family member “create” the source by making up the information you need and giving to you in random order--like the cards we did in class on Wednesday)


    Grammar: Find 20 sentences that contain at least one prepositional phrase. Copy the sentences on lined paper. Place parentheses around the phrases. Diagram any 10 sentences (subject, verb, adj, adv, prep phrase).


    Treasures: Read Chapter 21 and write out the summary like we would in class


    Science: Do the “Try This” on pages 110, 114, 115

    Maddie, I have the supplies I can give you Monday or you can find them this weekend and do your diaphragm model.


    History: Skills Sheets 10 and 13

    Quiz will be on Monday


    Math: pages 131-132 (#10-17, 20-35 on a separate paper) You need to find all possible answers for #22, 24, 26, 27



    Remember to reach out to me if you need any help!!! 

  • Christianity Notes

    Chapter 12 Notes

    Christianity: The Greatest Force in History


     12.1 The Greatest Event in History

     All through the ages that we call B.C., God has been preparing the world for the time when His Son would come to earth and die for the sins of mankind

     The set up

    Ѳ ~1/2 the world’s people are peacefully under the__________________ government

    Ѳ Roman roads that cross the empire will be used for spreading the gospel

    Ѳ Greek language, understood by most eastern people, was used to write the____________________________________________

     When Jesus came to earth, it was to a little Middle Eastern village (___________________________________)

     Jesus grew up in __________________________, near the sea of Galilee

     Jesus preached for only _____________________ years

     Jesus was sentenced to death & crucified when He was about__________

     Every religious leader has died or will die.

    Ѳ Jesus died too, but He arose from the dead and is alive now (which is the difference between Jesus and other gods)

     Apostle Paul was the 1st great missionary of the Christian church

    Ѳ He preached the gospel in ___________________________________

    Ѳ God used Paul & other apostles to write the books of the New Testament

     12.2 Nero & the Persecution of Christians

     Christians didn’t believe in Roman gods & refused to join public ceremonies to worship the emperor (_____________________________


     Emperor Nero (___________ emperor) was extremely evil (had his wife & mother murdered)

     During his rule- being a Christian was a crime

     July of A.D. 64, Rome was destroyed by fire (some blamed Nero, who blamed __________________________)

     Nero punished them by tying them to poles, smearing their bodies w/ pitch (_______________), & burning them as torches

     Christians were persecuted for ________________________ years

     Roman’s favorite sport= gladiator fights

    Ѳ Armed men fighting & killing each other

    Ѳ Took place in the Colosseum (huge outdoor arena built ~A.D. 80) which holds ________________________spectators

    Ѳ For a change, they would sometimes import wild beasts from Africa & release them in the arena to fight men (or other beasts)

    ф Christians were the favorites to fight the beasts

     Many accused of being Christians were put to death-- the only way to be pardoned was to _______________________________________________


    Ѳ Elderly Christian in_____________________________

    Ѳ Arrested & ordered to blaspheme the name of Christ

    Ѳ Refused to blaspheme the One who saved him

    Ѳ Executed


    Ѳ Slave girl in Gaul (now ______________________)

    Ѳ Rulers tortured her to compel her to change her faith

    Ѳ She refused, sticking to her faith

    Ѳ Thrown to the bulls & had her throat cut

     Martyrs (Christians who willingly gave up their lives rather than deny their Lord)

     The more Christians suffered, the more people______________________

     Catacombs=huge underground passages & rooms used a cemeteries

    Ѳ Christians could find refuge and worship in them b/c Romans were afraid to enter burial places

     Roman custom was to burn the dead, but Christians buried theirs in the catacombs

     On catacomb walls, Christians drew pictures of Christ & scenes from the apostle’s lives & the Old Testament

     Counting Time after Christ

    Ѳ Years after Jesus=A.D. (___________________________)

    Ѳ 1st hundred (1-100) years after Christ are called the 1st century A.D.

    Ѳ 2nd hundred (101-200) years are called the 2nd century, etc…

    Ѳ The number of the century is always 1 ahead of the years (19th century is the 1800’s) because of the 1st century

     12.3 The Rise of Constantine

     A.D. 306= Constantine became emperor

     Commanded that Christians shouldn’t be persecuted

     Gave the people the freedom to worship any god they chose

     Later, Constantine changed his mind & mad it illegal to ___________ be a Christian

    Ѳ Caused non-Christians to claim they were

    Ѳ Influence of these fake Christians weakened the spiritual power of the church & led to false teachings & practices

     12.4 The Fall of Rome

     Constantine built a new capital

    Ѳ Rebuilt Byzantium in Asia Minor & renamed it _________________ (now ___________________________)

     Roman empire had begun to weaken

    Ѳ Selfishness & laziness

    Ѳ Loss of justice & respect for law & order

    Ѳ People lost their standards & the empire fell

     A nation or empire can last only as long as its people have high standards of right & wrong

     1st the empire was divvied into 2 parts

    Ѳ Western= ____________________capital

    ф Quickly destroyed, never to regain strength

    Ѳ Eastern= _______________________________capital

    ф Lasted for more than 1,000 years

     Germany (beyond the Rhine & along the Roman frontiers)

     At the time, Germans were made up of different tribes with their own names

    Ѳ ‘barbarians’= drank alcohol; killed each other in drunken sprees; abandoned the helpless to die; sacrificed humans to their false gods

     410= _____________________captured & looted Rome

     455= ______________________invaded Rome (so senselessly destructive that we call people who destroy property w/out reason vandals)

     476= Germans got rid of the last Roman emperor & ruled Rome themselves

     12.5 The Middle Ages

     1,000 year period after the fall of Rome

     Aka ________________________

     Lasted from 500-1500

     Poor people (__________________________________________) promised to work for the landowners (lords--- wives called ladies)

    Ѳ Peasants lived on the lord’s land (_______________________)

    Ѳ Peasants promised to serve their lord as long as they lived, to do all the work he asked of them, & to give him part of the crops they grew or the goods they made

    Ѳ In return, the peasants were lent a little piece of land, a small house w/ a dirt floor, & protection from outside enemies

     There were few schools for the common people

    Ѳ Even if there was a school, the children learned to work with their hands all day & never learned to read

     Manor house= a castle made of stones & surrounded by high stone walls

    Ѳ Some were further protected by ___________________ (deep water-filled ditches surrounding the castle)

    Ѳ A drawbridge would be let down to let friends enter the castle & raised to keep out enemies

     If the manor was attacked, the peasants would run into the manor house for protection

     Knights (trained warriors kept by the lords) would protect the manor house

    Ѳ Rode horses

    Ѳ In later Medieval period-- dressed in heavy armor

     In the time of Constantine, the church became important & influential (other churches looked to Rome’s for leadership)

    Ѳ A huge church organization developed w/ Rome as its HQ

    Ѳ Bishop of the Roman church was the head of the entire Christian church (aka ______________________church)

    Ѳ Head of the church was called the pope

     800= pope crowned Charles the Great (aka _______________________) as Roman emperor

    Ѳ Government used the Roman church to back up its political authority & the church used the government to punish those that worshiped in a different way

     After Charlemagne’s son died, the empire fell apart

     962= pope & emperor Otto the Great formed the Holy Roman Empire (lasted until _________________________)

     869-1054= Catholic church split

    Ѳ Roman Catholic Church= HQ in _________________

    Ѳ Eastern Orthodox Church= HQ in _____________________________

     People of Middle Ages didn’t know that the Bible teaches that we are saved by faith alone

    Ѳ B/c most people couldn’t read & only church leaders had Bibles

    Ѳ Roman church taught that salvation was by & through the church

    Ѳ People wanted eternal life, so they did as the church told them

    ф Confessed ______________to priests

    ф Performed acts of _________________(express their sorrow over their sin)

    ф Filled the church treasury w/ gold

     Monks=church men who separated themselves from the world, promising to live a life of poverty & never marry

    Ѳ Taught this would make them more acceptable to God

    Ѳ Secluded monks (aka ________________) lived alone in caves or huts

    Ѳ Friars traveled around teaching people

    Ѳ Most lived together in monasteries

     Nuns= female equivalent of monks

    Ѳ Lived in ______________________

     Monks & nuns provided what little education & medical attention that was available

     Monks did the world a favor by keeping the Bible safe from _______________________& hand wrote copies of the Scripture

     Christianity eventually brought about many changes

    Ѳ Sunday established as a day of rest

    Ѳ Slaves treated more kindly & then slavery ___________________

    Ѳ Gladiatorial shows were done away with

    Ѳ Human sacrifices & killing babies came to an end

    Ѳ Strong families became important

    Ѳ Women were treated better

    Ѳ Poor & sick were cared for

     People from all over Europe made pilgrimages (_____________________

    ___________________________________________) to Jerusalem

    Ѳ They thought they would receive special blessings for doing so

     1070= Jerusalem was captured by _______________________

    Ѳ Mistreated Christians

    Ѳ Destroyed churches

    Ѳ Stopped pilgrimages

     Pope Urban II called upon the people to fight for the church & reclaim Jerusalem (_____________________________)

    Ѳ Many crusaders had true religious reasons, but many went for selfish reasons

    Ѳ 8 Crusades were attempted

    Ѳ 1099= crusaders drove out the Turks & gained control of Jerusalem for _________________________years

    Ѳ Changes to Europe b/c of Crusades

    ф Broke down barriers between rich & poor

    ф Put an end to the feudal system (rich own land & poor work it)

    ф People became interested in trade & travel

    ф Desire for Eastern goods led to the search for new trade routes (& ___________________________________________________)

     Peter of Bruis

    Ѳ Priest in early 1100s

    Ѳ Read the Bible & became a Christian

    Ѳ Preached the truth for _______________________________________

    Ѳ Burned alive at the stake for not teaching the Roman religion

    Ѳ Followers= Petrobrusians

     Peter Waldo

    Ѳ Late 1100s

    Ѳ Had the Bible translated for people who lived in __________________

    Ѳ Followers= Waldensians

    ф Spread the gospel

    ф Roman church called them heretics & set up a special court (_______________________________) to find & kill heretics who wouldn’t renounce & submit to the pope

     John Wycliffe

    Ѳ England in the 1300s

    Ѳ “Morning Star of the Reformation”

    Ѳ Spoke out against the pope’s power & said people had a right to read the Bible for themselves

    Ѳ 1st man to translate the entire Bible into _____________________

    Ѳ Followers= Lolards

    ф Made handwritten copies of Wycliffe’s translation

    ф Traveled & taught the gospel

    ф Church said anyone caught reading the English Bible would have his land, goods, & life taken from him

    ˤ Bible was so precious that people didn’t stop

     John Huss

    Ѳ After Wycliffe

    Ѳ Bohemian (now _____________________________)

    Ѳ Found Wycliffe’s writings & became convinced the Bible was the true authority

    Ѳ Preached that only God can forgive sin & salvation comes through faith alone

    Ѳ Condemned & burned at the stake

    Ѳ By 1500s, most Bohemians were Bible followers

    Ѳ Bohemia became a model of a free country w/ Christian standards

     12.6 The Invention of the Printing Press

     Johann Gutenberg (German in 1400s) wanted to make books more available, so he invented the printing press

     Movable type printing press= individual metal letters placed to spell out words, sentences, paragraphs

     Letters were arranged in a wooden box, covered w/ ink, & paper pressed on w/ a huge screw

     Once he had copied that page as much as he needed, he would rearrange the letters for a new page

     1st book Gutenberg printed was a Bible (_________________)

     Invention helped prepare the way for the Protestant Reformation

     12.7 Martin Luther & the Protestant Reformation

     1483= Martin Luther born in Germany

     Parents dedicated him to God & got him a good education (read & write German & Latin)

     Martin Luther studied law for a while, then gave it up to become a monk

    Ѳ Thought that would make him good enough for Heaven

    Ѳ Went w/out food, prayed for endless hours, lived in poverty

    ф __________________________________________________

     While studying the Bible he found a passage that answered his longings (the just shall live by faith _____________________________________)

    Ѳ He discovered it wasn’t what we did on earth, but by faith & knowing Jesus could we be saved

     1517= Friar John Tetzel traveled selling _____________________________

    Ѳ Indulgences= certificates from the pope that excused a person from doing penance & shortened their required stay in purgatory

    Ѳ Purgatory= a place of suffering where penitent souls remained after death to be cleansed of sin & made ready for Heaven

    Ѳ Tetzel also said indulgences meant the pope forgave your sins

     Luther wrote 95 Theses (a list of reasons why the sale of indulgences was wrong) & nailed it to the door of his church in Wittenberg, Germany, on October 31, 1517 (marked the beginning of the Protestant Reformation)

    Ѳ Called “the spark that set Europe aflame”

     By 1520, Luther was Germany’s most popular man

     Luther had to hide from religious leaders for a while

     When he returned, he translated the Bible into German, wrote hymns for German people, & encouraged German cities to set up schools to teach the kids to read the Bible

     Luther encouraged people in other lands to do the same as Germany was doing

     Soon England, Scotland, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, & others began to follow the Bible instead of the pope

     Bible was translated into the languages of all these countries & schools were started

     The truths of the Bible gave the world greater progress in freedom, good government, widespread education, science, literature, & the fine arts than ever before

  • December 16-17 Snow Day

    Snow Day December 16-17, 2019


    l Spelling

    n Christmas list definitions

    n Test is Wednesday

    l Handwriting

    n Look at page 73, we are starting U and W

    n Copy Matthew 4:10 on handwriting paper

    n Page 71

    l Jump In

    n Read through pages 74-77, but do not actually do anything on the pages

    n Find at least four sources for your research paper

    n Only two of your sources can be internet sources

    n Write down the information that you will need from your source (look at your Jump In pages for what information you need)

    l Grammar

    n Pages 109-111

    l Treasures

    n Read chapter 15

    n Write the summary (I know you don’t have the worksheets, but you know what needs to go in it)

    n Chapter 13-15 questions:

    u 1. In 20-30 words, retell the Old Man’s story.

    u 2. In 30-40 words, retell the events of the handwork competition.

    u 3. In 15-20 words, retell the encounter between Lucien and Dani.

    u 4. Describe, in detail, what Dani gave Jesus for His birthday.

    u 5. In 25-30 words, describe Annette’s conundrum as the preacher spoke.

    u 6. In 15-20 words, describe Dani’s attitude in this chapter.

    l Science

    n Create and start working towards a personal health goal

    n Study for the test, which will be Wednesday

    l History

    n Fill out as much of the Christianity Notes (found in its own blog post) as you can. We will go over them on Wednesday

    n Chapter 12 check up, pages 197-198 B,C,D,E

    u Not complete sentences

    l Math

    n Study for the test, which will be Wednesday

    n Pages 119-120

    u Daniel will answer on the answer sheet

    u Madeline will answer on the pages themselves

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