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Robin Blake

  • Homework 3-12-18

    5th Grade Math~

    We are starting our geometry chapter!

    Please do pages 247-250

    Parents, please read the explanations and directions at the top of each page/section.  

    Example- what are polygons, quadrilaterals, perimeter, circumference, similar figures and congruent lines and figures.

    please call me or text me with any questions.  I will be available from 12:00 noon until 2:10 tomorrow or any time after school.

  • Homework for 2/12/18

    5th Grade Math~

         Lesson 83 & 84 pages 207 - 210

          Follow directions carefully. If you need help please call me. 

    6th Grade Math~

          Start Chapter 10 Lesson 88 & 89 pages 214-217 *Read directions carefully!!!

          Page 214-215, do problems 1-22, pages 216-217 Do problems 1-28

         If you need help, call me. 

    Isaiah~ make sure you do all corrections on returned homework from Friday.

    Alg. 1/2 

         Please work problems out on notebook paper and MAKE IT NEAT!!!

         Lesson 70 ~  Practice problems and problems 1-4, 9-11,19-24

         Lesson 71 ~ Practice problems and 17-29. Exponents are done with fractions the same as whole numbers.

         If you need help call me!


    Stay warm and safe. :)  

  • Homework for Wednesday 1/24/18

    5th Grade Math:

           Lesson 73 & 74  Pages 183-186

    6th Grade Math:

           Quiz 8 Pages 184-185

    Alg. 1/2

            Lesson 62- Practice and problems 1-30

            Correct test 13A and prepare for test 13B on Friday.

    Stay Healthy! 

  • Homework 1/15/18

    Happy Snow Day!!!

    5th Grade Math~ 

    Please finish the pages we worked on Friday Pages 164, 165 and also page 166( added this today.)

    Then do pages 171-172 Quiz. No or minimal help. 


    6th Grade Math~

    Please do Lessons 70 & 71

    pages 170-173 

     Isaiah~ In your 6th grade math book, do page 402 in the back. It's good review.


    Alg. 1/2 

    Lesson 58


    5-7, 11-17 

    Lesson 59


    4,5,8-11,15-22      Just notebook paper for answer sheets. MAKE IT NEAT!!!!

    Yearbook~ see you Wednesday. Feel free to work on your pages. 


  • Homework for January 13, 2017 and January 16, 2017

    Homework for Friday:

    5th Grade Math~   

    I was planning a Quiz for Friday. We will take it Monday (hopefully)

    In place of the quiz, please do page 328 in your math book. All problems. You do not need to do page 327.

    For Monday, if there is no school,

    Lesson 71 page 129 and 130 All problems.

    6th Grade Math~

    I was planning a quiz for Friday. Hopefully, we will take it Monday.

    In place of quiz please do page 338, all problems. In back of math book.

    For Monday, if there is no school,

    Lesson 71, all problems.

    Algebra 1/2 ~

    No Homework :)

    Monday Homework: if no school,

    Lesson 53.

    Do all practice problems and problems #3, 9-12, 16-21, 28, & 30.

    make sure you read over instructions for Lesson 53.

    Yearbook Staff: Continue working on assigned pages.

    Stay safe. Call me if any questions.

  • Math Homework for 1/20/16

    4th Grade Math~ Do Lesson 80 & 81  Parents please read over instructions at top of page in yellow box. This is a new concept for our students.

                                Lesson 80 ~ Do all problems on page 145. Page 146 do #4, 5, 6, 7 & 8. You may cross off #9 and 10.

                                Lesson 81 ~ page 147 Do #1, 2, 3. Cross off green on #4 and do all of #5. Page 148, Cross off #6 , do #7, cross off #8 and do all of #9

                                                    and #10.


    5th Grade Math ~ Lesson 86 & 89 We are skipping lessons 85, 87, & 88 Please read over instructions at top of page on lesson 86.

                                 Lesson 86 ~ Do #1, 2, & 3. Page 156, cross off #4 & #5 Do #6, & 7.

                                 Lesson 89 ~ Read instructions.....Do #1, 2, 3, and 4a. Cross off 4b,c,d,e. Page 162...Do #5, 6, 7,&  8. Cross off green on #9


    6th Grade Math ~ Lesson 84, 85 & 86 Please read indructions at top of page carefully.

                                 Lesson 84 ~ Do all #1 & 2. Page 152, cross off #3. Do #4 and 5a, cross off b and c.

                                 Lesson 85 ~ Do all #1. Read directions carefully. Page 154, do #2, skip #3, Do 4a and 5a and b. Cross off 4b and c, 5c and d.

                                 Lesson 86 ~ Do page 155 only. Cross off page 156.


    Algebre 1/2 ~ Read all directions carefully. 

                           Lesson 54 ~ Do practice a - d. Do problems 11-16, & 24- 30

                           Lesson 55 ~ Do practice a-d. Do problems 4-8, 15-21.

                                               In your math folder on page 5 there is a chart for converting fraction, decimal, percent.

                                               ****Get very familiar with fraction, decimal, percent today. We will have a worksheet Friday

                                                that will be turned in at end of class. 



  • Homework 3-3-14 Bible

    Jr High Girls ~ Read PROVERBS 3 & 4 , not Psalms, sorry!

    See you Wednesday :) 

  • Homework 3-3-14

    4th grade Math~ 

    Lesson 113 & 114 - cross off all green problems.

    5th grade Math ~ 

    Lesson 113, 114, & 115 cross off all green problems. Cross off #10 on page 206

    6th grade Math~ 

    Lesson 113 & 114 - we covered this is class.

    6th grade Science~ 

    Study for you chapter 5 test. Test is open note. Have notes ready to turn in Wednesday, if you haven't already turned them in.

    Make sure you bring your HEALTH BOOKS to class!!!

    7th grade Science~ 

    Do activity sheet pages 17-19. Study for Quiz pages 85-95.

    Bible Jr high Girls~ Read psalms 3 & 4. 'Journal'

    Its the last week of the quarter, let's finish strong!

    See you Wednesday:) 

  • Homework for 2/10 and 2/11

    Hi Everyone!  Here is the homework for Monday 2/10 and Tuesday 2/11


    5th Grade Math and Keyboarding

    Do Lessons 98, 99, and 100.  Cross out ALL the green.  If you have any questions, call Mrs. Cormican @ 281-0229

    Our Keyboarding activity for the week is making a "Family Tree".  Please start writing out your family tree and have your parents help with any names you do not know.  You will need to bring your thumb drive on Wednesday and we will enter the "Family Tree" on Wednesday into the computers. 

    6th Grade Science

    Quiz over 5.1 and 5.2 on Wednesday (open note)  Read 5.3 and do questions over 5.3

    7th Grade Science

    We will try once again to have a Chapter 7 test on Wednesday (open note).   Please read 3.1, take notes, and answer questions.

    4th Grade Math

    Do Lessons 99 and 100.  Cross out ALL the green in both lessons.  Lesson 100 is a new concept.  Have parent or sibling read through the new concept with you and help you with any questions you might have. If you have any questions, call Mrs. Cormican @ 281-0229

    6th Grade Math

    Do Lessons 99 and 100.  Cross out ALL the green in both lessons. Lesson 100 is a new concept.  Have a parent or sibling go over concept with you.  If you have any questions, call Mrs. Cormican @ 281-0229.




  • Homework for 2/7/14

    Dear students, I will be gone next week and Mrs. Cormican will be your sub. I will be in California on a family emergency.

    I know you will be very respectful and helpful to Mrs. Cormican while I am gone. :)


    4th, 5th, and 6th grade Math ~ Be prepared to turn in all of this weeks homework Monday. This Friday's Test/Quiz will be next Friday. I am having Mrs. Cormican pass out a practice sheet Wednesday to help you study for your test / quiz. This practice sheet does not need to be turned in.

    5th grade Keyboarding ~ You will not need computers on Monday, but you do need to bring in your thumb drives for Wednesdays class.

    6th grade Science~ You will have a quiz Monday over 5.1 and 5.2 - Open Note.

    7th grade Science ~ Your chapter 7 test will be Monday - Open Note. IT IS NOT A BIG TEST!

    Have a good week and I will see you soon. 

  • Homework 2/5/14

    5th Math~ Lesson 96 Do all problems (cross off the green problems)

                      Lesson 97 Do all problems (cross off the green problems)

                      Test Friday. Study over decimal placement, decimal/fraction, measurements (English and metric) and Roman numerals.

                      Example: 60/100 is the same as .60

                                     4/10 is the same as .4 

    6th Science~ Read 5.2 and answer questions 1-9.

    6th Math~ Lesson 97 page 175 ( Do all problems)

                      Lesson 98 (Cross off all green problems)

                       Quiz Friday. Study over how to find rate of commission. On pages 339 and 340 in the back of your book you can practice this concept.

    4th Math~ Lesson 95 page 171 only

                      Lesson 96 page 173 only 

                      Quiz Friday. Know how to reduce fractions to their lowest terms and know your Roman numerals.

    7th Science~ Continue to study for your chapter 7 test. We will have it on Friday. You should all get an A with all the extra time you have had to study ;)

    If you have any questions you can call or text me. 221-8704 

  • Homework 2/3/14

     5th Math ~ Lesson 93 (cross off green problems)

                        Lesson 94 (cross off #6 & #7) 

                        Lesson 95 ( Do #1,2,3,4,9 & 10 ONLY)

    6th Math ~ Lesson 94 (Do problems 1-3 and cross off #4 - #6)

                       Lesson 95  (Read over new concept. Cross off all green problems)

                       Lesson 96 (Read over concept, cross off all green problems) 

    6th Science ~ Read 5.1 answer questions for 5.1

    7th Science ~ Review Chapter 7 for test. Write notes and be prepared for test.

    4th Math ~  Lesson 93 and Lesson 94 (cross off green problems)


  • Homework 1-6-14

    4th Grade Math ~

       Read over concept~ Lesson 70

       Do all problems on page 127, do all problems on page 128 - cross off the green problems.

       Lesson 71 - do problems 1,2,3,5 ,7, 8 & 10 cross off green problems. Do not do problems 4, 6 or 9. 

    5th Grade Math ~

       Lesson 73, Go over concept on page 131. Do all problems on page 132

       Lesson 74, Do all problems.

    5th Grade Keyboarding ~ No homework

    6th Grade Math ~

       Lesson 68 - read over concept. Do all problems on page 123

                           Do all of problem #5, do not do problem #6 

       Lesson 69 - Read over concept. Do all problems for lesson 69 including green problems.

    6th Grade Science ~ Chapter 4. Read 4.2 do questions for 4.2 and write notes for 4.1 and 4.2.

    7th Grade Science ~ Re-read 5.1 and 5.2 do questions. Take notes over 5.1 and 5.2 


  • Snow Day 12-9-13

    4th grade Math~ Lesson 59 (pg 107-108) Do problems 1,2,3,and 7, including green problems.

                                 Lesson 60-  skip this lesson

                                 Lesson 61 (pg 111-112) Do problems 1,2,3,6, and 8.


    5th grade Math ~ Lesson 63 (pg 113-114) Read top of page for new concept. Do all of #1,2,3, 4 and 5 (cross the green off on number 5)

                                  Lesson 64 (pg 115-116) Read top of page for concept. Do all problems for 1, 2, 3.Do #5  j-y- yes that means the green ones too.

    5th grade Keyborad ~ None

    6th grade Science ~ Make sure your science projects and reports are ready. We will have the science fair Wednesday! Be ready!! Remember, no project

                                       means a failing grade.

    6th grade Math  ~ Lesson 59 (pg 107-108) Skip #1 do #2 and #3, skip #4, Do problems 8,9,10,&11

                                   Lesson 60 (pg 109-110) Do problems 1,2,3,4,5,&6. Skip 7 & 8

    7th grade Science ~ Chapter 11 notes will be due Wednesday. Chapter 11 test will be Wednesday. Study, study, study!!!!



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