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Week Of September 24 - 28

Dear ACS Families,

Every year it takes all of us some time to get adjusted to the school year, whether it is a new teacher, a subject that is especially difficult, new friendships, or more homework than we are used to.  We all need to be patient with each other as we settle into the routine of a new school year. 

If you are having problems with a teacher, a parent, or another student, we need to remember to follow Mathew 18:15 -17.

1.     PRAY – everything turns out better when we get God involved.

2.     Go to that person in love. 

3.     If you can not work things out, bring the problem to the principal.  I will act as your witness, to go with you to talk to that person again. 

4.     If you still feel that the problem has not been resolved you may contact Jennifer Boatright, School Board president, to get permission to address the board on the matter.

If you choose not to confront the person you are having the problem with, you have ONE other option; forgive and forget.  These are the things that are not an option:  holding a grudge, gossiping about the person, and turning others against that person.  Also, the Academic Committee is not in our chain of command, please do not bring problems with teachers to them.  What we all should be aiming for is restoring our relationship with our brother/sister in Christ.  Only then can our school be truly Christ-centered.

Concession stand work.  The office will be calling parents each week to remind them if they are scheduled to work in the concession stand.  If you are unable to make it please trade with another parent.  In an emergency call Pam Young 473-8145.

Volleyball and Soccer Tournament .  Our teams are off to Columbia for a tournament Friday and Saturday.  Classes for grades 8 – 12 will be cancelled on Friday. 

Monday home games: 

Varsity Soccer              4:30  @ Paul Klover Field

JH Volleyball                 5:00  @ ROC

Varsity Volleyball          7:00  @ ROC

Meet You At The Pole.  Wednesday we will be going outside for Opening at 8:10 and the students will be leading us in prayer and worship.  Smithton has invited ACS for the second year to join them in their ceremony at 7:15.  We invite parents to come on out and join with us in these special events. 

Lunch forms for October hot lunch will come out this Wednesday and will be due to the office by Monday morning. 

The Talent Show is right around the corner!  Monday is the deadline for students and parents interested in displaying their gifts.  Contact Talent Show chairman Hannah Young (829-1599)!  Student council members will be expected to help with this Stucco fund raiser.  Be thinking about the department you would like to work in.  All members will help with clean up.  The following are areas of work and the student directors responsible for them:


Department                            Director(s)

          Talent                                      Becca Young & David DeMasters

Kitchen                                   Kasey Blake & Aston Allcorn         

Tickets                                    Jacob Wassam

Decoration/Set Up                 Melissa Backe & Rhiannon Crosier

Lights & Sound                      Micah Church & Aaron Meusborn 

Clean Up                                Drew Wedemeyer

Department directors, please gather for a meeting at 3:30 in room 200 Monday.

Mrs. Young’s office hours outside of school.  People have told me that I am hard to get a hold of. Actually, I am usually pretty easy to locate unless I don’t want to be found. J  When I am in school I am available all day except from 8:15 – 9:00 and 1:00 – 2:00, when I am teaching class.  Outside of school please do not call me after 9:00 pm as my brain is mush  by then.  Also, Thursday mornings I set aside time to recharge my battery by meeting with my friends to quilt, so I am unavailable from 9 – 12 am.  If it is an emergency, the before mentioned rules go out the window – I want to hear from you no matter what day or time.  The best way to catch me is on my cell phone (473-8145).  If I don’t answer my phone it may be because I forgot it at home.  I do not check email daily, nor am I very good at checking my answering machine messages, and I almost never check my cell phone messages.  I guess my point is, that if it is important for you to talk with me, keep trying to call. 

Yours In Christ,

Pamela Young


Published Sunday, September 23, 2007 8:45 PM by anonymous


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