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Debbie Church

Snow Day - Monday, Jan 6, 2014

7th Grade Grammar -

review all rules for this unit thus far - pages 100-108

Read page 109 and do exercises A, B, and C pages 109-110

Read page 111 and do exercise A

Spelling - pre-test on Wednesday -

adjective suffixes: the adjective suffixes -ic, -ary, and -ory mean "of, relating to, characterized by, belonging to, connected with, consisting of, associated with, affected with, or tending to." For example: mandate + ory = mandatory (characterized by a mandate), custom + ary = customary (relating to custom), allergy + ic = allergic (affected with an allergy)

List 13: words and their meanings - We will play a matching game on Friday with their meanings. Please know the words in parenthesis as well. Participation points will be given as a class grade.

domestic - relating to a domicile (home) 

dramatic - characterized by drama (dealing with plays; or, having emotional, conflicting results) 

despotic - associated with a despot (tyrant) 

realistic - related to realism (concern for the actual) 

systematic - belonging to a system (plan) 

demonic - relating to demon (evil spirit) 

contrary - of that which is counter (against) 

arbitrary - characteristic or an arbiter (judge) 

military - relating to war and militia (armies)

visionary - characterized by vision (sight) 

revolutionary - related to revolution (a marked change or turn) 

salutary - related to or producing health 

hereditary - associated with inheritance or an heir

inflammatory - characterized by fire, tending to inflame (excite or incite)

defamatory - tending to defame (disgrace)

derogatory - tending to derogate (make inferior) 

compulsory - tending to compel (force or overpower) 

promissory - relating to promise (assurance) 

transitory - of a passing (transitional) nature 

valedictory - related to saying farewell (valediction) 

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