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Debbie Church

Snow Day - Wednesday, 2/5/14

7th Grade Grammar -

Spelling - Have your parents give you the pre-test and have them grade it. Remember, a 95 or above counts as a 100 and no spelling test on Friday!

Grammar - Friday in class we will catch up on grading and review for a test to be taken Monday. Please spend time going over this review so that I can answer any questions on Friday. 

Test Review 7 and Quiz 16 - Units 13 plus review

Kinds of Pronouns: match each with their definition – interrogative pronoun, relative pronoun, compound pronoun, possessive pronoun, indefinite pronoun, personal   pronoun, demonstrative pronoun

Pronoun Subject/Verb Agreement: 5 sentences - underline the subject, circle the correct verb choice – study pronouns such as: many, none, each, all, some, etc.

Pronoun Case: 5 sentences – write the correct pronoun choice - Study nominative and objective case pronouns

Pronouns: 8 questions – fill in the blank

            Define antecedent

            What kind of pronoun asks a question?

            What are the three cases of pronouns?

            Pronouns combined with self or selves are called…

           Define demonstrative pronoun

            What type of pronoun introduces dependent clauses?

Recognizing Pronouns: 4 sentences – circle the pronoun - Know how to recognize all pronouns used as nouns – do not circle possessive pronouns used as adjectives

Pronouns/ Antecedents: 5 sentences – identify the pronoun and antecedent in each sentence

Pronoun Case: 13 sentences – choose the correct pronoun for each sentence

Pronoun Usage: 8 sentences – choose the correct verb for each sentence - Study the following: one, few, no one, neither, they, he

Nouns / Pronouns: 7 sentences – The word is underlined for you. You need to identify as either: DO, IO, PN, DA, AP, or OP – remember it doesn’t matter whether it is a noun or pronoun, solely focus on the position in the sentence

Capitalization and Punctuation: 4 sentences – Mark either C or I for correct or incorrect

Fragments and Run-ons: 4 sentences – label each as either S, F, or RO

Verb Usage: 9 sentences – choose the correct verb - Study titles and troublesome verbs such as: raised vs. rose, taught, had better, sneaked etc.

No Diagrams: So No Bonus! Study Hard!


Published Tuesday, February 4, 2014 11:08 AM by Debbie Church


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