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Debra States

  • Homework for Friday, February 8, 2019

    Hello again, Parents!  I am sure your students are missing school as much as you and I are!  Our safety and warmth are important during this hard winter, though, so we will make do until this lets up!  Thank you for all your help and support.  The students are all staying on level ground despite our terrible winter.  They are great!  Below is the list for the work to be done at home today.  We will get back into our daily worksheets next week.  

    1. Phonics:  Review all the new word families of:  "ing" "ank" and "ank".  Help your student think of as many of these words as they can. For help with these, look through the Phonic Stories or the back of each reading book.  

    2. Please review all our service words from the reading books, as well as the sight words from the original page.  Have your child work on some of the words that they struggle with.  Write 5 sentences using our service words.

    3.  Reading:  Book 22 AND the Phonic Stories.  Read our most current stories, and read at least 7 from the past lessons.

    4.  Number Skills:  Please continue to work on the concept of subtraction.  Use both written problems, and use physical items, such as buttons, toothpicks, crayons or small items, both adding nd subtracting.  Give your child 5 word problems verbally and have your child write the problem out, with the answer, and correct  symbol.

    5. Science:  Ask your child what a Botanist does.  Does a seed have a coat?  What does vascular (veins) and non vascular (no veins) mean in a plant?   What is the midrib?  What 3 things does a plant need to grow?  They have started on their lap books and are enjoying making them.

    I hope to see you all on Monday, have a safe and warm weekend!

    Mrs. States 


  • Homework for Wednesday, February 6, 2019

    Dear Parents, below is a list for your students to work on today:

    1. Please look up caverns, and talk about stalactites and stalagmites.  Have your child draw a picture with a cavern showing both and talk about how they are formed.

    2.  Phonics:  Today our new word family is both the "ink" and "ank" family.  Practice that word family and write 6 sentences using those words.

    3.  Reading:  Read and re-read book 22.  This one has more student reading in it, so it will take more practice.  Read the current Phonic Stories, and then go back and practice severl of our old ones to keep those sounds in mind.  Next week we will be learning new sounds, the  long vowels.  So it is important to get the short vowels solidified. 

    4.  Number Skills:  Practice 10 addition facts and 10 subtraction facts.  Mix them up, so that your child will have to watch for the correct sign. ///  Practice some word problems using the quarter.  Help your student realize a quarter is worth 25 cents, (always use the word "cents") to help them know the value.

    5.  We will do Wednesday's worksheets on Friday.  Stay safe!

    Thank you,

    Mrs. States 

  • Homework for January 30, 2019

    Below is  list of the work to be done at home on Wednesday:

    1. Reading:  Continue working on Book 21, "The Bibles" and the current Phonic Stories.  Review several of the old Phonic Stories as well.  Go over the new word families, helping your student to come up with more of these in the new word families.

    2. Handwriting:  Our Service words this week are "Bible" and "have"  Write 3 sentences for each word.  Be sure to write slowly, use correct spacing, form and punctuation marks.

    3. Our new blends for this week are the "th" and "wh" sounds.  Both of these can be hard to form in words.  Help your student come up with 6 of each word, and write it correctly.

    4.  Number Skills:  We have started with the concept of subtraction.  Please go over the addition sign + and the subtraction sign - with your student.  Then do 10 problems of each concept, helping your student to watch for the correct sign.//// Review both the value and recognition of the 4 coins that we have worked with.

    5.  This would be a good time to review the sight word page given at the beginning of the year.  Practice the ones that your student still needs to work on.

    You have the homework for Thursday in their folder.  We will do Wednesday's lesson on Friday.  Stay warm and safe in this deep freeze!

    Thank you, Mrs. States 

  • Homework for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of the week of January 14, 2019

    On Friday, I put in your student's folder the homework for both Monday, and the usual Tuesday-Thursday instructions.  I included the reading story for Monday.  Your child also has their new reading book and Phonic Stories to practice on.  

    In the subject of Number skills, please go over the clock times that we have been practicing, as well as recognizing the coins and their value.  2)  For the new phonics skill practice, please help them with the new blends that are introduced in their lesson.

    For the share and tell on Friday, draw and color a picture about an experience they have had with or around a body of water, such as river, creek, pond or ocean.  Tuesday and Thursday instructions are in their folder and are to be completed as usual.  Be safe and warm!  Mrs. States 

  • Homework for Tuesday, November 27,2018

    Hello parents! Just a reminder about the homework for Tuesday. Please make sure your child reads both the reading book, and the Phonic Stories that were recently added to their notebooks.

    In Number Skills practice 20 addition facts from the 3-4 number group. Also review the worth in cents of the penny, nickel and dime.

    Handwriting:  Help your child write at least 5 sentences telling about the fun things they did in the Thanksgiving break. We will read these on Friday for Share and Tell.  Draw a picture to go along with those sentences!

    See you on Wednesday, stay warm!

    Mrs. States 

  • Homework for Monday, November 26, 2018

    Hello Parents, Listed below are the homework tasks for your child for Monday.  

    1. Reading:  Read and re-read our current book #13, "Bell."  Since we had a short week last week, it will need to be practiced. Read all the recent Phonic Stories.

    2. Phonics:  Practice the new word families in the last 5 Phonic Stories.  Help your child come up with several more in each family.

    3. Handwriting:  Practice writing our most recent letters of Mm, Oo, and Ff.  Write these in the pre-cursive style, both upper and lower case. Two lines of each.

    4. Number Skills:  Help your student count and write by 5's to the number 100.  Talk about how the nickel is worth 5 cents, so when counting nickels, we count by fives.

        Compare to counting by 10's when we are counting dimes.  Explain the fact that a nickel is always worth 5 cents.

    Stay safe and stay warm!  I will see you on Wednesday!

    Mrs. States 

  • February 12th and 13th homework

    Hello Parents,

    Please read the new book sent home on Friday, along with the new Phonic stories placed in your student's folder.  These are new words for your student, as they are long vowels.  They will need extra help with these words.

    For Number Skills---Practice both addition and subtraction facts in the numbers of 0-5's.  Do at least 20 of these problems.  Also, practice the value of coins, using actual coins.

    For Share and Tell this week, have your child draw a picture of their family doing something special in the season that they like the best.  Color and make the picture look grand!

    This week, our new word families are---"ave", "ate", "ame", "ake", and "ale".  Write three words from each family using the very best handwriting.  Remember these are long vowels, so help your student recognize this.  The "e" at the end is silent, and the vowel in the middle is long.   For Tuesday, write 5 sentences using the new words.

    We will catch up with our book sheets on Wednesday.  If you will do these things on both Monday and Tuesday, it will be greatly beneficial for your student.

    Thank you and be safe,

    Mrs. States 

  • Homework for Wednesday, January 24, 2018

    I sent all of the worksheets home with your students yesterday for completion on Wednesday.  Please continue to practice the things outlined in the Tuesday-Thursday homework sheet, and be sure to go over our new word families and "sh" and "ch" sounds!

    Thank you, have a healthy break!

    Mrs. States 

  • Homework for January 15th and 16th, 2018

    Good morning, parents!  For the students homework, they should do the following things:

    1.  Reading---They have the reading book for this week, practice it and the phonics words in the back.  Practice the new service word "where".  Write it in 4 sentences.  Also, read, and re-read the most recent Phonic Stories.  Then review all of our service words.

    2. This week our new blends are sl, fl, tr, and pl.  Please verbally practice words with these sounds.  Then have your student write at least 5 of each one.

    3. Share and Tell for Friday---Our lessons this week are about water.  Each student should write about an experience they had that involved a body of water.  A pond, river, ocean, etc.... Tell about that experience, such as swimming, fishing, sightseeing, vacation or what they did in at least 5 sentences.  They should be able to read these sentences to the class on Friday, and on Thursday they will draw a picture to go with this story.

    4.  Number Skills:  Continue practicing counting by 2's.  Write by 2's up to the number 40.  Practice 20 addition facts.  Time:  practice times with the o'clock, and the :30 time.  Coins:  Give your student 3 words problems involving pennies and nickels, using addition.  Such as:  Sam had 2 pennies and 1 nickel, how many cents did he have?

    Review the value of each coin, as these are still giving us some trouble.  

    Number Families:  Orally give your child a number in the 40-90 number family, and have them write it down.  Then, have them write the BEFORE numbers to these sequences:  _18, 19/_22,24/ _32, 33, __.14,15, _43,44, and __,66,67.

    We will do our book worksheets on Wednesday, there are Phonic Stories that go with them.

    Stay warm and be safe!

    Mrs. States 

  • January 13-16, 2017 Ice days assingments

    Dear Parents,

    All work went home with your students on Wednesday.  They have Friday's work as well as Monday's. I also included the homework pages for both Tuesday and Thursday in those papers. Please do not do those until the day that they are assigned.

    In addition to the Tuesday/Thursday work, please work on coin recognition and coin value. Please read both the reading book and the Phonics Stories. Practice the new word families that are included in the Phonics Stories.  These are very important to refresh the memory after the Christmas break.

    Stay safe and warm!

    Mrs. States 

  • Assignments for March 3rd and 4th, 2014

    Hello to all, I hope you are all safe and warm in the middle of this winter cold!  Assignments for both Monday and Tuesday are listed below.  I have listed them together, so you can work at your child's pace.  See you all on Wednesday!  

    PHONICS:  Pages 153-156

    HANDWRITING:  Consists of correcting the written work on the pages above.  Make sure there is correct spacing both between letters and words.  Also the letters should take up the correct height in the lines, such as a lower case e should take up the entire space of the "downstairs" and a y should be in the "downstairs" and "basement."  All lines should be straight and correctly formed.  In class, we do those over that need more practice.  Use new sight words to make 7 sentences, and please correct these as well.

    NUMBER SKILLS:  Pages 101-102.  Talk about the importance of the calendar and how it works.  speaking of the calendar working, don't forget this weekend is the time we change back to Daylight Savings Time!  That could be part of the conversation.  Practice with pennies, nickels and dimes, going over the value of each in cents.  They are having a hard time grasping this concept.  Practice the addition facts of 1's, 2's and 3's.

    READING:  Each child should practice the current reading book they are on.  Both days try to emphasize smooth flowing sentences, with pauses where there are periods, and with a change in voice if there is an exclamation point!  Please watch for any type of memorization of words as this will hinder further progress in learning new material.

    LETTERS AND SOUNDS:  Pages 207-208. 

    Thank you,

    Mrs. States 




  • Work for Monday, 10th and Tuesday 11th February, 2014

    Good morning to parents and students!  Another day of this winter cold and snow!  The forecast promises some warmer temps int he near future.  Praise the Lord!

    Here the assignments for today, and then I will attach the homework for the week.  Have a good day and hopefully we will be back in the swing on Wednesday!

     PHONICS:  Pages 127-128

    Handwriting:  Write 5 sentences about SNOW and what it does!

    NUMBER SKILLS:  Practice the facts of 1 thru 3's.

    READING: Reading books, hopefully everyone has their books under their belt and can fluently READ them, not have them memorized!  We will stick with the current books          until Friday.  PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!!

     SOCIAL STUDIES:  Pages 123-126, Japan

    Okay, attaching did not work, so here is the work for Tuesday, hopefully I won't end up with 2 posts!

    Phonics:  Pages 129-130 Practice upper and lower case letters, keeping straight lines and good spacing!

    NUMBERS:  Have student write number families from 3 different places, such as 30's, 50's, and 70's.  Draw 15 circles, 12 squares, and 7 triangles.  Color the circles red, the squares blue, and the triangles yellow.

    LETTERS/SOUNDS:  Page 189-190. Sight Words.

    Reading books:  Please be ready to read the current book you have fluently on Wednesday! 

    *****PARENTS:  Please let me know if your child has any Dr. Suess books, and the title of them.  We will be doing a DR. Suess week the end of the month.  I may be asking for some help that week!

    Mrs. States 


  • Work for Friday, February 7, 2014

    Good morning everyone!  This weather has got to stop sometime!  Below is the day work for today.  On Friday we usually do the worksheets and then do something special like one of our class games, reading a special story, or play a game on the computer.  I am sure by now both you and the students are at their wits end, so perhaps a prayer before digging in to today's work would make things work smoother.  We begin each day with a prayer, and the Lord helps us through each day.

    PHONICS:  Page 125-126

    HANDWRITING:  Correct the sentences from page 125-126 and have the student write the letters correctly.  Straight lines and correct spacing between lines, also correct spacing between words.

    NUMBER SKILLS:  Practice the addition facts of the 3 family, and go over the addition facts of the 1's and 2's.  Then play a game with the chalk dice, or a number of objects for the students to write the problems themselves, with the correct answers.

    READING:  Please continue to work with the reading book your student has, we will be reading it all next week, if the book is not mastered, We will not go on to the next book until next Friday, or the next until each student is solid in the knowledge of the material.

    LETTERS/SOUNDS:  Page 185.......Sight Word Practice

    SOCIAL STUDIES:  Pages 121-122.

    Have a good day and weekend.  I hope next week brings us all a safer and warmer time!  Tell each of your students I miss seeing them.

    Mrs. States 


  • Work for 2/3, 2/4, and 2/5, 2/6 if needed

    Dear Parents,

    Here is the homework for the dates listed above.  I will list by day to make things easier for everyone.  Hope you all are staying safe and warm!


    PHONICS:  Pages 117-118

    HANDWRITING: Student to write 5 sentences each containing as many sight words as they can come up with.

    NUMBERS:  Counting objects.  Have student practice addition by using up to 10 objects, forming the problem and giving the answer.

    READING:  Student should read their reading book at least 2 times today.

    LETTERS/SOUNDS:  Pages 177-178

    SOCIAL STUDIES:  Pages 117-118



     PHONICS: Pages 119-120

    HANDWRITING:Story time again.  Student should write a story about their favorite time shared with a friend, at least 7 sentences.  Will be used for share and tell, so make sure the student writes well enough to read their story and please have them title their story!

    NUMBERS:  Have your child give you the correct number of objects you ask for, at least 5 times (between 1-20).  Practice the facts of 1's and 2's.


    READING: Have student read their current book at least 3 times during the day. Encourage pauses at the end of sentences and excitement at the exclamation point!


    PHONICS:  Pages 121-122 Practice sight words.

    HANDWRITING: Have student write 5 sentences using a color word in each, red, yellow, blue, green, etc...

    READING: Have student read their book at least 2 times.

    NUMBERS: Have student practice the number families, knowing what number belongs to what family. Such as 32, 45, 18, 13, 76, give them at least 10.

    LETTERS/SOUNDS:  Pages 181-182

    SOCIAL STUDIES:  Pages 119-120 


    PHONICS: Page 123-124 Sight word practice

    Practice reading their story for Share and Tell.

    NUMBER SKILLS: Practice time, using the hours and half hours.  Also practice the names of the parts of a clock: face, minute hand, hour hand.

    LETTERS/SOUNDS:  Page 183-184

    READING:  Student should read their book at least 3 different times.  Be able to fluently progress through the book with little to no hesitation.

    MATH PRACTICE: Practice the facts of the numbers in the 2's and 3's. ( 1-10)

    HANDWRITING: Please have the student write the alphabet in both upper and lower case letters.  Watch for correct formation, Straight lines and no hurrying, please!

    Here are the first 4 days, weather permitting will see you all on Friday.  

    Mrs. States 




    1. PHONICS:  Pages 93 and 94.

    2.  NUMBERS:  Page 89, 90.  You may do the evaluation as long as your child works alone, Then grade the paper.

    3. HANDWRITING:  Make sentences using words from Phonis page 93, at least 6.

    4.  LETTERS AND SOUNDS:  Pages 121, 123, 124.  Again, make sure the child does the evaluation page alone and grade.

    5.  SOCIAL STUDIES:  Netherlands Pages 93, 94

    6.  Use pennies, nickels, and dimes to practice adding change.

    7. Use the dice and chalk board to make at least 15 math problems and answers.


    1. PHONICS:  Have your child write 7 sentences using words from page 94 of the phonics page.

    2. Review the sight words and make sure your child knows the current ones.  We will be starting on the new group soon.

    3. Addition:  Write up a fact sheet with problems of all the 0's, 1's, and 2's.  Check to see how well your child knows these problems, and the concept of addition.

    4.  LETTERS AND SOUNDS:  Pages 125, 126.

    5. Have your child review the writing of the alphabet, both upper and lower case.  Check for correct spacing and correct lines.


    Mrs. States 

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