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Dharma Leon

Spanish I - Classwork & Homework for Monday, January 16, 2017

Hola! I hope you had a safe and restful weekend.

lunes, 16 de enero del 2017 - Tarea en clase

As I already taught you last week, Spanish uses two "being" (to be) verbs - estar   &  ser.   Estar is to be used to indicate location and condition. We used the "estar" verb with preposition which indicate location (en, encima de, debajo de, al lado de, junto a, delante de, detras de). Now we will use the "estar" verb to indicate condition. 

Page 38, Vocabulario - Como esta? (My laptop does not have access to a numeric key pad so I cannot write the accents and upside down question marks for Spanish)

 Copy the vocabulary words three times each. Learn them!

contento = happy or content

de mal humor = angry or in a bad mood

triste = sad or unhappy

sana = healthy

enfermo = ill or sick

nervioso = nervous

tranquila = calm, tranquil

Read explanation about using adjectives with the verb "estar". 

Learn the adjectives on page 39 also. 

Page 40, Activity 6 - Write the question and the answer. #s 1-4 answer in positive (Si, estoy...) and #s 5-8 answer in negative (No, no estoy...)

Page 40, Activity 7 - Follow the model (2 sentences) and conjugate according to the subject.  

Page 40, Activity 8 - Follow instructions and the model. Remember to use the correct form of the adjective (it must agree with the noun - feminine or masculine) and you may have to add articles (el or la) to make the sentences complete. 

Remember, call or text  me if you need help - 660-473-2503.

Hasta el miercoles! 

Published Friday, January 13, 2017 9:22 AM by Dharma Leon


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