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Dharma Leon

Spanish II - Classwork and Homework for Monday, January 16, 2017

Hola! I hope you had a restful and safe weekend! 

lunes, 16 de enero del 2017

We have completed Leccion 12 in our textbook, and will now proceed to review with classwork and homework on our Activity Manual.

Manual de Actividades - Paginas 139-141

We have already done Section 1 - A. Vocabulario on page 139

Now, let's do the rest of Section I, all of II and III.

Section 1 - B: Respond in complete sentences.

Section 1 - C: Associations - fill in the blanks. 

Section 2 - A: Use the correct verb form (conjugate) according to the subject. Some may need to use the infinitive or the conjugated verb form.

  #1. Es necesario trabajar para haceer dinero. (trabajar)

  #2. Ernesto tiene que estudiar ingles. (tener)

 Section 2 -B: Which is your opinion? Identify 2 activities that you like and two that you do NOT like. Use 4 different verbs. Follow the model.

Section 2 -C: Comments and impersonal opinions. Express impersonal opinions about four activties. Use 4 different verbs. Follow the model.

Section 2 -D: Compulsory or mandatory activities: Tell about three things that you and another person have to do. Use 3 different verbs.

Section 2 -E: Write the verb that makes the most sense of the three choices. 

Section 3: Affirmative and negative words - Respond negatively to the questions. Use the negative adverbs (nada, nunca, nadie, ninguno(a)).

Remember to call or text me if you need any help - 660-473-2503.

Hasta el miercoles! 

Published Friday, January 13, 2017 9:48 AM by Dharma Leon


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