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Dharma Leon

Cast for Fiddler on the Roof, Jr.

Dear Thespians, 

Whew! This has been one of the most difficult casts ever. You all did a great job, and I am so proud of you all. I especially appreciate your time and dedication. I wish we were performing this play for two weekends in a row so I could double cast. We are still short on boys, so I am awaiting on some responses, but here is the cast anyway. Make sure to begin listening to your music cd and to begin learning your lines so we can be off book before the end of March. Now is when the other part of our work begins, and it is so exciting!

 Cast for Fiddler on the Roof, Jr.

Tevye – Mr. Steven Bussey

Golde – Xiara Leon

Tzeitel – Sarah Greer

Hodel – Sarah Nevils

Chava – Kaelyn Morris

Shprintze – Autumn Sparks

Bielke – Sydney Bussey

Yente – Bethany Rogers

Motel & Another Man – Caleb DeFord

Perchik – Isaac Greer

Lazar Wolf – Mr. Ben Dynnys

Mordcha – Christian Farley

Rabbi – Shiloh Conroy

Avram & First Man – Isaac Dynnys

Yussel & Second Man – Samuel Weekley

Fiddler & Mendel - David Bessert

Woman #1 – Tori Price

Woman #2 – Bailey Mabry

Woman #3 – Alex Furrey

*Woman #4 – Grace Beaher

*Woman #5 – Sofia Ostapenko            *We are adding a scene which will add lines for Women #4 and #5. 


Constable – David Rogers

Fyedka – Christian Ford

Sasha – Eli Dynnys

First Russian, Alexei – Brandon Morrison

Second Russian, Mikhail – ?



Rabbi’s Family

Rabbi - Shiloh Conroy  (Thanks for being willing to play the role of a male!)

Rabbi’s Wife, Rachel - Bailey Mabry

Daughter, Deborah – Annabelle Dynnys


Mordcha’s Family

Mordcha – Christian Farley

Mordcha’s wife, Leah  - Tori Price

Daughter, Dinah – Aubrey Dynnys


Avram’s Family

Avram – Isaac Dynnys

Avram’s wife, Sarai – Alex Furrey

Son, Simeon - ?


Yussel’s Family

Yussel – Samuel Weekley

Yussel’s wife, Hannah – Sofia Ostapenko

Son, Levi -  ?


Fiddler’s Family

Fiddler – David Bessert

Fiddler’s wife, Rebecca – Grace Beaher

Son, Ruben – ?


Songs by Characters & Ensemble

Tradition – Tevye & Ensemble in groups

Fathers – (Rabbi, Avram, Mordcha, Yussel)

Mothers – (Golde, Yente, Rachel, Leah, Sarai, Hannah, Rebecca)

Sons – (Motel, Perchik, ?, ?, ?)

Daughters – (Tzeitel, Hodel, Chava, Shprintze, Bielke, Aubrey, Annabelle)

Matchmaker – Tzeitel, Hodel, Chava, Shprintze & Bielke

Sabbath Prayer Golde, Tevye, Families

To LifeTevye, Lazar, & Men & Russians

If I Were a Rich ManTevye

Sunrise, Sunset – Golde, Tevye, Hodel, Perchik, Yente, Villagers

Wedding Dance - Golde, Tevye, Hodel, Perchik, Yente, Villagers

Do You Love Me?Tevye & Golde

Far from the Home I Love - Hodel

Chava’s Sequence – Tevye & Ensemble

Anatevka Avram, Golde, Lazar, Mendel, Tevye, Yente and Villagers


Ensemble sings and dances

Soloists or smaller groups sing and dance

Soloists & Duet sing only

Published Tuesday, February 7, 2017 9:35 PM by Dharma Leon


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