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Gwen Turner

3rd Grade-Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Assignments--Only if there is no school.

Language Arts pp. 101-102.  Students do not have to do section B on p. 101.

 Spelling pp. 54-55

Write words 3 times each.

Study words for pre-test on Wednesday.

Reading Read chapter 4- pp. 39-48 in Farmer Boy

Answer questions:

1. Why was Mr. Ritchie proud of Bill? (p. 41)

2. What caused the children to cry and be unable to finish their lesson? (p. 42)

3. What surprise did Mr. Corse have? (p. 44)

4. What did Almanzo think about his father? (p. 47)

Math pp. 115-116 Calendar

Calendar Days poem helps to remember how many days in each month:

Thirty Days has September, April, June, and November.  All the rest have 31, except February, that's the short one.

Also, the knuckle method: Make a fist. Then start naming the months starting with January on the knuckle of the index finger. The knuckles have 31 days and the valleys have 30 except February.  When you get to July on the pinkie knuckle, start over on the pinkie finger with August and repeat process.

pp. 117-118- Measures of Weight 

Ounces, pounds, and ton-Talk about how small an ounce is- candy bars are measured in ounces,  a newborn baby's weight is measured in pounds and ounces,  butter is pound, Elephant weighs 5 tons.

History Read pp. 240-244 in History book about Martin Luther King Jr.  

Write out answers to comprehension questions on p. 245.

Science Make migration wheel Notebook Journal (spiral-bound book)  A18-A19 at the back of book, 

Cut out the pieces and answer questions on each bird piece (Use textbook pp. 58-71 if needed)

We just finished studying this lesson so students hopefully will know most of the information without needing to refer to the book.

Mrs. Turner 

Published Thursday, January 12, 2017 6:24 PM by Gwen Turner


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