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Gwen Turner

3rd and 4th Grade-Tuesday homework-February 13th, 2018

3rd Grade:

Reading: Finish Reading chapter 12 in Farmer Boy pp. 133-140

Answer Questions  ( I will send this in an email as well)

1. What did Almanzo note about Mr. Brown as a horseman?

2. What could Almanzo do while grown-ups were talking?

What could he NOT do?

3. What did Nick Brown sell?

4. How and what did Nick Brown trade?

5. What did Nick give to the children?




6. Other than tinware what did Nick leave them with?

Writing:  Just Write book p. 34-35 about supporting sentences.

Supporting sentences explain the topic sentences--give the details.

Language: pp. 147-148 in book.

Worksheet-Squeaky Clean (I will email to you)

Spelling: pp. 74-75

Study words for Pre-test

History:  Start working on research for Missouri border state.

N- Kansas;  M- Nebraska?

Math: pp. 201 only in book --Subtracting fractions with same denominators

2 Worksheets-  (I will email)

Mixed fraction addition with same denominator

Multiplication facts (0-11)

Science:  NONE

4th Grade-Tuesday homework, February 13th, 2018

Language:  pp. 177-178 Adjective comparisons  (Notice, we are skipping several pages for now. We will get them at a later time)

When two people or things are being compared:  add  -er to the end of the adjective.

That bird is bigger than this one.

When three or more people or things are being compared:  add -est to the end of the adjective.

That bird is biggest of all.

Make sure to read the spelling rules on the top of p. 178 before completing the page.

Worksheet:  Comparative and Superlative Adjectives (I will email this)

Spelling: pp. 74-75 in book

Study words for Pre-test

History:  Start working on Missouri notebook project pp. 1-11.

Go through the information you have and start filling in the information, drawing pictures, or cutting and pasting into your notebooks.

Find out what information you don't have for these pages and then try to find it by researching.

Math: pp. 197-198 in book about Long division

2 Worksheets:  Practice division with remainders (I will email these)

Multiplication facts 0-11

Science:  NONE






Published Monday, February 12, 2018 9:26 AM by Gwen Turner


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