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Gwen Turner

4th Grade-Monday, March 12 and Tuesday, March 13

These are the assignments for Monday and Tuesday.

I will email worksheets to parents.

Language:  pp. 209-210  Distinguishing Prepositions from Adverbs

Find the preposition in the sentence, then look for a noun after the preposition (this is the object of the preposition).

If there is no noun after, the preposition is probably an adverb that tells where or when.

HW: pp. 211-212 Intro to Conjunctions

Conjunctions connect words or groups of words using the words: and, but, or, nor, for, and yet

When using the words: yet, but---put a comma before the conjunction.

When using the word: for--put a semi-colon before the conjunction--example:      ; for

HW:  Worksheets--You try it-Prepositional Phrases /Connecting Run-Ons-Conjunctions

Spelling:  List #23

Write words-one time each then circle the vowels in each word.

HW:  pp. 90-91 in book/Study words for pre-test on Wednesday

History:  Read pp. 147-150 in History book

Answer questions #1-10 on p. 160 in book (I will email these as well)

HW:  Work on your Missouri Notebook project

HW:  Map book skills sheet 12 on p. 23 in map book,  Use the following words to label the map:  Louisiana Purchase, Oregon Territory, Texas Annexation, Northwest Territory, Mexican Cession,

Gadsden Purchase, Original 13 Colonies, Florida, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Lake Superior, Lake Huron

(Then look at p. 130 in book to check answers, then correct if needed)

Math: pp. 169-170 Polygons (see reference sheet--I will email to you)

HW:  pp. 277-278 Multiplying by Multiples of 10

HW: Worksheet--Building Lines

Science:  Crossword puzzle p. 184-185 in spiral-bound book

HW: Write 2 facts about each of the inner planets on p. 192-193 in spiral-bound book

(You may use your hardback book for reference)

Published Monday, March 12, 2018 12:05 AM by Gwen Turner


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