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Gwen Turner

4th Grade-November 26-27, 2018-Snow Day

Math-pp. 145-146 in book on multiplication

Then practice multiplication facts 

Spelling- Lesson 11 Write words 1 time each in fancy letters  (See list on p. 42)

Language- p. 113--Then read all the information on p. 114 (This will help with Tuesday homework)

Writing- pp. 59-60 in handwriting book,  Must be in cursive writing. Use notebook paper for p. 60.

History--Read pp. 123-126 in book about Thomas Jefferson.

Then answer questions on pp. 127-128  (I will email these also)

Science--Read pp. 42-45 in book about Molting, Feather Features (Shaft and The Vane)

Answer Questions:   (I will also email these)

What is molting?

How long does it take most birds to molt all of its feathers?

What is the order that a bird loses its feathers called?

What is symmetrical molting?

What are the three main parts of a feather?


What is keratin and where is it used in a bird's feather?

What did people use quills for many years ago?

What are the zippers that are located on the vane of the feather called?

What do zippers do?

What is it called when a bird fixes its feathers with its beak?

Tuesday Homework:

Math-pp. 233-234 Using Logic to solve problems  (Read each clue carefully)

Spelling- pp. 42-43 in book,  Then study words for pretest on Wednesday

Language-pp. 115-116--(Use information from p. 114, also see p. 269 in back of book on helping verbs)

Science- Draw a picture of a feather, then label the 3 main parts (See p. 43 in book)



Published Sunday, November 25, 2018 9:19 PM by Gwen Turner


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