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Jennifer Bessert

3rd & 4th grade

                                                                                                  THIRD GRADE:


MATH: Please review pages 102-104 for errors and thn complete page 106 for review. We will be testing on this chapter next week Wednesday.

LANGUAGE: complete pages 125 -126

READING: Complete questions -Chapter 21

JUST WRITE: Have your parent or sibbling be your partner to review page 125 with you. Ask if them if they have suggestions to sensory words that describe your picture, or if they think more picture content should be added to fill the senosry word catargories. Add the reccomended items. Have you partner sign your page 125. Then complete pages 127 &128.

                                                                                                  THIRD & FOURTH 

HISTORY: Test on Chapter 8. I will scan that in and post in a minute.

SPELLING: List 16 test. have your parents give you the test orally and sign it when they correct it. If you had 100% on your pretest, congrats! Enjoy the extra free time. Spelling challenge, jump start on studying list 17 words. Rememember the challange has been issued that if the entire clas earns 100% on a pretest at the same time, I have an awesome surpise for you!!

HANDWRITING: Write a letter to a far away family member or friend. Make it interesting. Tell them five things about you, and ask five things about them. Please do not provide a list in letter form, instead create a conversation in writing. Tell the story of how you are doing, or what you have been intersted in and ask inquireing questions about them too. this will help you to make your writing more interesting to the reader as well as showing them that they are worth your time and you are genuinely interested in them. Just an idea might be to include what you enjyed about 2019 and some of you hopes or dreams for 2020 might be. Lastly, Address your letter and envelope. I can stamp it for you on Monday. 

SCIENCE/ (Friday)Health: Helth book - read pages 5 - 8

BONUS - put on your Proffreader Hat, their are several intentionally mispelled words in thsi document. If you can find them, write them down correctly and give me your list on Monday you earn an extra trip to the treasure box. And the cool new prize I mentioned is in there now!! 


Published Friday, January 17, 2020 8:41 AM by Jennifer Bessert


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