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Jennifer Bessert

3rd &4th Scinece Tes...second attempt

Chapter 7 Science Test



1.  What was your favorite part of this lesson and why?

2.  Name something you learned about Mars that you did not know           before we studied this chapter.

3.  What planet do Scientists think is like Mars?

4.  Describe the surface of Mars?

5.  What gives this planet its unique color?

6.  Given the weather on MARS, if it were possible to visit there, what kind of clothes and supplies would you need to pack to be safe and comfortable in its weather?

7.  Compare and contrast how long it takes Mars to revolve compared to earth?

8. Compare and contrast how long it takes Mars to rotate compared to earth?

9. Describe the surface of MARS and why is it this way?

10. How many moons are on MARS, name and describe them?

11. What is the atmosphere like on MARS?

Bonus: What number planet is Mars from the sun?

              What is an artificial ecosystem and what is its purpose?

Published Friday, January 24, 2020 10:20 AM by Jennifer Bessert


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