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Jennifer Bessert

Wednesday Weather Day 5 FEB 2020

Good Morning 3rd & 4th grade!

“I will praise Him in the morning......praise him in the noontime. Praise him, praise him, praise him when the sun goes down!” (Rev7)

My mouth is filled with your praise, declaring your splendor all day long.

Psalm 71:8 

3rd Grade: 

Math:  Wednesday Pgs. 121 &122

            Thursday homework: 123 & 124

Language: Wed. pgs. 145 &146

              Thurs. work pgs. 147 & 148

Reading: Wed. &Thursday work

Complete Chapter 26 questions. (pages 312 -328)

            1. Who was coming for Christmas?

            2.What did Almanzo use for cleaning the silver (pg. 313)?  

               What it used presently?

             3. What meat are they having for Christmas dinner (pg.313)?                     

            4. Who woke everyone? What time was it?

    Because they woke early, what were they able to do?

5. What did Almanzo get for Christmas?

            6. What did Almanzo and Frank quarrel about?

            7. Did Almanzo stand up to his friends who urged him to disobey (323)?

            8. What do YOU think about Royal’s reaction to the boys?

            9. What did the boys play after dinner? Who Won?          

 Just Write: Wed. work; Review - check/ proofread the stories from the beginning with your written conclusion for pgs. 143 & 144, Does it flow well and complete the story? Edit if more information, or clarity is needed. Have your parent review your work and sign these pages. Then Complete pages 145 and 146.

Thurs. Work; Now it is time to plan and write your very own story by completing pages 147 & 148. Be creative and have fun with this. Your story can be fact, fiction, or fiction inspired by real events.

3rd & 4th Grade

History: Wed. & Thursday work combined, read pages 112 – 114 then complete questions for comprehension check 10 E

Spelling: Wed. Pre-test 19. Have a parent give the test and sign you paper. Any errors need to be written three times each.

               Thurs. work, call and quiz a friend! Write down who you called and how many errors they had. The person taking the quiz needs to write error words three times each, as well as, who called them.

Handwriting: Wed & Thursday, write down the recipe of your favorite baked/ cooked food to eat. Remember to list the ingredients, measurements, oven temperatures if needed and any instructions to complete this item to the point in which is ready to be eaten. Remember to proofread your work to see if your written recipe, is legible AND would make sense to someone reading it and making it for the very first time.   

Science: Wed. Finish page 122 – to the top of 124, start at (122)“who names the Asteroids” and finish just before the “think about this - blue box”(pg124) Complete Activity 8.2 and write your process and learning in your journal page 186.

            Thurs. Work. Pg. 185

Bonus: Have someone take a picture of you completing 8.2 and text it to me.

Feeling extra creative?? You could attempt this project outside, use brightly colored items to represent your planets. If you do this method write down what color represents each planet (a written ‘key’) before going outside. One, so you don’t freeze while trying to write, so your photo and process is understandable compared to “papers” as described in the instructions that would have each planets name on them.

Thank you! Enjoy your family, the snow and have some fun!

Mrs. Bessert

Published Wednesday, February 5, 2020 8:25 AM by Jennifer Bessert


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