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Kelley Bergman

Friday, February 8th 2019

Advanced Math 1:  I am emailing you a copy of my notes over the next section. It's over pages 286-291, and you are to do #1-50 odds.


9th Grade Geography: Your assignment is  in your Activity Book, you need to do #4-7, pages 62-65. 


Government:  Read pages 138-144 and answer the following questions:

Government Assignment Chapter 7 pg. 138-144 

1) Define political party.

2) What does independent mean relating to political parties?

3) What does “swing vote” mean?

4) Define factions. 

5) What is a precinct or ward?

6) Who has the real power in a precinct?

7) Define political machine. What could be some rewards for loyal service?

8) What percent voted in 1960 and 2000?

9) Which state doesn’t require voters to register before voting?

10) How many states allow voting by email? Which states allow voting via the internet?

11) What two types elections are there? What do they mean?

12) Define open primary, closed primary, and semi closed primary?

13) What is the top-two method? What is the winner-take-all primary?

14) Define recall, referendum, and initiative. Do all the states allow recall, referendum and initiative?


11th Grade Anatomy:  Read pages 215-221 and answer the following questions.

Anatomy/Physiology Module #7 pg. 215-221 

1) What is a threshold stimulus and subthreshold stimulus?

2) Define local potential.

3) How does your CNS differentiate between warm from hot?

4) What is the refractory period? What is the absolute refractory period? What is the relative refractory period?

5) What is the difference between unmyelinated axon and myelinated axon?

6) What is continuous conduction? What is salutatory conduction?

7) Which are the last nerves to get myelinated?


Advanced Math 2:  I am emailing test #9 for you to take sometime, you may use your Test #9 cheat sheet to help with the test. If you do not receive the email with the test please contact me and let me know so that I can get it to you a different way. 


10th Grade Chemistry:  Read pages 264-269 and answer the questions that I will email you, the website and chemical equations don't get along.




Published Thursday, February 7, 2019 7:45 PM by Kelley Bergman


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