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Kim Mabry

1st grade homework for Wed.-Fri., 03/25 through 03/27/2020

Required homework:

Math: Speed drill for Wednesday-do the bottom 2 boxes.  Math test for Friday dated 03/27/2020. Do p. 311-316. Do #2 on p.312 with your student. Cross off #4 on p. 314.

Spelling: Take the Wednesday pretest.  Do p. 49.  Take the Friday test if student did not score 100% on the pretest. 

Handwriting: p.243-248

Spectrum Writing: p.75-79.  Cross off p.77. For p. 78, make the story fiction.

Reading: Wednesday: Read p.79.91. Do p.129-130 both sides.(This is one of my favorite stories to do as a class.  You can divide up the characters with mom, dad, siblings and each one read different character's parts. Read sight words together.  Have them say the first 4 lines of the preposition sheet 2 times. Remind them when to use -er and when to use -est in comparisons.  Use -er when comparing 2 things (remember this because er is 2 letters).  Use -est when comparing more than 2 things or a group of things. Remind them that if a word has a prefix or suffix, we divide the syllables at the prefix or suffix is. Thursday: Read p.92-94 and do p.131&b. Friday: Read p.95-100 and do p.132 &b. Read sight words together and have them say the first 4 rows of the preposition sheet 2 times. Remind them again when to use -er and when to use -est in comparing things in writing. Talk about homphones/homonyms. Some examples are: flour and flower, hi and high, write and right, see and sea. 

Phonics: p.247-254

Phonics & English: p.257-264

Science: See you Wednesday and Friday morning at 10am!  Make sure you have your science book so that you can read along.  We will be starting on p.106.  


Wednesday drama: Try some fun tongue twister together:

The big beautiful blue balloon burst.

A shapeless sash sags slowly.

Smelly shoes and socks shock sisters.

Which wrist watches are Swiss wrist watches?

Friday PE: 

Take a long piece of string or yarn and wind it around the house.  Try to follow the string with one foot in front of the other without stepping off of the string. If you step off, you have to go back to the beginning. :) 


Published Tuesday, March 24, 2020 9:57 PM by Kim Mabry


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