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Kim Olejniczak

School closed: Assignments 2/6/19

 4th Grade Reading:  Study for Number the Stars test Chapters 5-8 on Friday. 

                                 Write a paragraph on the following topic:   Annemarie and Ellen are best friends and share many secrets while they are spending the night                                                 together.  Write about your best friend.  Do you ever spend the night together?  What do you enjoy talking about?  What qualities does your friend                                     have?  You may also draw a picture of you and your friend if you'd like.



7th and 8th Grade Reading:


                                                                               The Hiding Place Chapters 5-7 Study Guide 


Answer the following questions using complete sentences.



1)    What were some of the changes that Holland endured during the first few months after the German invasion?






2)    What was the National Socialist Bond (NSB)?





3)    Who was Mr. Smit?





4)    What is an anti-Semite?





5)    Why did Father turn off the radio midway through the Prime Minister's message on the issue of war?







6)    Describe two members of the ten Boom's secret family.







7)    How was it possible that the people living in the Beje seemed to continue to be happy despite everything going on around them?







8)    Who introduced Corrie to the underground?






9)    Compare Corrie's and Betsie's reactions to the dreamlike vision Corrie had as Holland was being bombed.










10)  Psalm 68:20 says "God is to us a God of deliverances; and to the Lord belong escapes from death."  What almost happened to Corrie during a night of bombing              raids?






11)  What did Betsie mean when she said, "There are no 'ifs' in God's world"?








12)  What were some hard questions she asked herself regarding the right or wrong of the underground activity?










13)  How was Fred Koornstra instrumental in helping Corrie and her family to keep Jews in safety at their home? 











Mrs Kim Olejniczak










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