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Linda Dial

February 12-13, 2018

5th Grade

Spelling= pages 74+75

Handwriting= page 98 and copy the following sayings

A Christian does good deeds, but just doing good deeds does not make a person a Christian.

What you love and what you hate reveal what you are.

Jump In= find 4 sources (not all the same type) and write them in MLA format

Grammar= pages 158, 159, & 160--yes do all of the writing exercises (try fitting them all on one piece of paper)

Novel= Read Chapters 19 + 20 and write up their summaries

History= SS 19, Chapter 9 check up

Quiz Friday-we’ll go over it on Wednesday

Science=Study for your test (Wednesday)

Rough Draft & notes for your project are due Wednesday



Erika ONLY

Thursday’s work, as requested

Spelling= page 76

Handwriting= page 100

Grammar= pages 162 B & 163 C

Novel= 16-18 Questions (sorry, but I don’t have anyway of getting these to you until Wednesday)

History= SS 20

Science= Read Chapter 7



6/7 Grade

Read pages 191-198

NBJ pages 134 & 135 (8.5 only)

Don’t forget that your project rough draft is due on Wednesday



9th Grade

Don’t forget that project notes & rough draft are due on Wednesday

Read pages 376-380 and do these questions

1. List the 5 common characteristics of the class Archnida.

2. What would happen if you weave a rope out of spider silk?

3. What are webs that have no real discernible pattern called?

4. Where is the silk for webs produced in spiders?

5. Describe how book lungs work-how a spider breathes.

6. What arthropods are in class Chilopoda and class Dipolopoda?

7. What is located behind the head of a centipede?

8. What are the differences between millipede and centipede?

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