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Linda Dial

March 12-13




Copy Acts 8:22

Write a thank you card to each classmate using your best handwriting

Jump In

Skill 2 pages 102-104


Pages 191-195; 197B

Quiz Wednesday

1. Punctuation and capitalization

2. 5 parts of a friendly letter

3.What’s in the heading of a friendly letter?

4.What’s included on a post card?

5.What makes up a paragraph?

6. What is a topic sentence?


Read chapters 4 and 5 and answer the following questions.

Chapter 4

1. Why was Caddie chosen to go hunting with Uncle Edmond?

2. How did Uncle Edmond’s trick on Caddie backfire?

3. What did Uncle Edmond give Caddie?

4. Why was Caddie upset that Uncle Edmond tried to bribe her?

5. What does bribery mean? Do you think it is a bad thing?

Chapter 5

1. Why did Uncle Edmond want to take Nero with him?

2. What was the result of Mother’s trip to town?

3. What did she plan to do with the turkeys?


Chapter Checkup

Quiz Wednesday (11.3 and Geography facts 14)

1. Roman language

2. Roman water transport structures

3. What are plebians?

4. What are patricians?

5. Rome’s nickname

6. Point beyond which trees can’t grow

7. Line above which there is always snow

8. Climate of high mountains

9. Torrid zone also known as

I’m figuring on a test on Friday, as long as we all think we understand the material, so here’s the study guide.

Chapter 11 Study Guide


ü Map

n Aegean Sea, Baltic Sea, North Sea, Norwegian Sea

n Danube River, Rhine River, Thames River, Volga River

n Matterhorn, Mr. Elbrus

ü Essay

n Using at least 4 facts, retell the legend of Rome’s founding

ü Miscellaneous

n First emperor of Rome

n General who led his men and animals across the Alps to attack Rome

n Man who prophesied a powerful kingdom as “strong as iron”

n Roman leader who “crossed the Rubicon”

n Oldest and wisest men of Rome

n Common people of Rome

n Wealthy people of Rome

n Point beyond which trees cannot grow

n Another name for the torrid zone

n Climate found on high mountains

n Point beyond which there is snow all year long

n Island at the ‘toe’ of the Apennine Peninsula

n What was France called at this time?

n Ruler of the Holy Land at the time of Christ’s birth

n Roman rulers of equal power that each ruled for one year

n Transported fresh water to cities away from rivers

n Used to provide lasting strength to Roman buildings

n Clothing that only Roman citizens could wear

n Center of wealthy Roman homes; usually had a shallow pool that collected rainwater

n Government count of the residents and their property

n “All roads lead to            “

n “City of Seven Hills”

n North African city that was Rome’s rival

n Largest mountain system in Europe

n Rome’s first Asian province

n Roman language

n Culture that most influenced Rome

n After burning Carthage, what did Rome do to them?

n 3 wars between Carthage & Rome

n 200 years of peace at the beginning of the Roman Empire

n Man with absolute rule of a country



Read Lesson 8

Published Sunday, March 11, 2018 4:45 PM by Linda Dial


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