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Linda Dial

History Study Guide 12-3-18

Chapter 5 Study Guide

1. Which river valley was home to India’s ancient civilization? Indus

2. India’s main religion? Hinduism

3. Indians who don’t belong to any caste? Outcaste/untouchable

4. Cotton material first made in India (named after one of its cities) calico

5. Seasonal rain bringing wind monsoon

6. Largest Indian City Mumbai/Bombay

7. Important math principles developed in India zero, place value, Arabic numbers

8. ? Buddhists’ state of being free from suffering nirvana

9. Who created the caste system (group of people) Aryans

10. What is a dynasty? Line of rulers from the same family

11. Reincarnation? Belief that when you die your soul is reborn as another person or animal

12. What does Buddha mean? Enlightened One

13. First European to reach India by circumnavigating Africa? Vasco da Gama

14. India’s first prime minister? Nehru

15. Father of Modern Missions? William Carey

16. ? Used to be East Pakistan Bangladesh

17. Indian ruler built ? as a tomb for his wife Taj Mahal

18. Important leader for Indian independence? Gandhi

19. First took Indian cotton goods to Europe? Alexander the Great

20. What civilization started in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley? Mesopotamia

21. What civilization started in the Huang He Valley? China

22. List out the four Aryan castes. 1st=Brahmins=priests; 2nd=princes & warriors; 3rd=landowners & merchants; 4th=farmers, laborers, & servants

23. Capital of India New Dehli

24. What was the traditional meaning of a bindi? The woman is married

25. Where is Mt. Everest located? Nepal

26. Essay: Choose William Carey or Amy Carmichael and tell me about them in 3-4 sentences.

Published Tuesday, December 4, 2018 1:09 AM by Linda Dial


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