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Linda Dial

History Study Guide Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Study Guide



l Memphis

l Mount Sinai

l Lower Egypt

l Upper Egypt

l Thebes

l Sinai Peninsula

l Nile River



l Which two landforms give Egypt special protection and how?

l Describe each of the Egyptian seasons.



l Know the definitions of each of these:

n Delta- deposits of land at the mouth of a river

n Papyrus-world’s 1st paper-like material

n Pharaoh-Egyptian king

n Cataracts- rock bed piled high in rivers creating waterfalls

n Vizier- 2nd in command to Egyptian king

n Palette- place where paint is kept while painting

n Rosetta Stone- key to unlocking hieroglyphs-- phrase written in 3 languages

n Famine- time of serious shortage of food

n Hieroglyphics- ancient Egyptian writing using pictures

n Obelisk- tall, pointed pillar representing the sun god, Ra

n Mummy- body that is wrapped and preserved

n Sphinx- head of a man and body, legs, and paws of a lion

n Shadoof- Egyptian irrigation system

n Kilimanjaro- highest mountain in Africa

n Mountain- landform rising higher than a hill

n Nile- world’s longest river

n Plain- flat or level area of land

n Plateau- highland plain

n Sahara- world’s largest desert

n Valley- low land between hills and mountains

l What is the ‘Gift of the Nile’? Egypt

l The desert that covers most of Egypt? Sahara

l The secretary to the ruler in a court? scribe

l The king who united Upper and Lower Egypt? Menes

l Large stone structure built as a tomb for King Khufu? Great Pyramid

l First pharaoh? Akhenaton

l Only woman pharaoh? Hatshepsut

l Bible character who became a vizier? Joseph

l Most famous pharaoh tomb? Tutankhamen

l Reasons Egypt declined in power? No iron (weaker weapons) & infighting

l Area near Thebes where tombs of many pharaohs have been found? Valley of the Kings

l Second largest continent? Africa

Published Thursday, February 7, 2019 7:12 PM by Linda Dial


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