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Linda Dial

  • Possible Snow Day January 16/17

     If anyone needs any help, please call, text, or email me! 


    5th Spelling

    Do page 58-59. Cross off "infrequent" and "intruding" and add "Jonah" and "Micah"


    5th Grammar

    Page 125-126


    5th Reading

    Jump In pages 40-41. Handwriting pages 38-40


    2nd Reading

    Read pages 52-63. Answer the questions on pages 51 and 64 on a piece of paper.


    7th Spelling

    PSW 12


    7th Grammar

    Study for your test. It will be Wednesday.


    5th and 6th History

    Chapter 7 Check up (not section A). Test is Wednesday.


    5th and 6th Science

    NBJ 84 & 90    Test is Friday.

  • 5th and 6th Study Guides

    You can print these off or I will give them to you on Monday.


    Chapter 7 Study Guide



    l Memphis

    l Mount Sinai

    l Lower Egypt

    l Upper Egypt

    l Thebes

    l Sinai Peninsula

    l Nile River



    l Which two landforms give Egypt special protection and how?

    l Describe each of the Egyptian seasons.



    l Know the definitions of each of these:

    n Delta

    n Papyrus

    n Pharaoh

    n Cataracts

    n Vizier

    n Palette

    n Rosetta Stone

    n Famine

    n Hieroglyphics

    n Obelisk

    n Mummy

    n Sphinx

    n Shadoof

    n Kilimanjaro

    n Mountain

    n Nile

    n Plain

    n Plateau

    n Sahara

    n valley

    l What is the ‘Gift of the Nile’?

    l The desert that covers most of Egypt?

    l The secretary to the ruler in a court?

    l The king who united Upper and Lower Egypt?

    l Large stone structure built as a tomb for King Khufu?

    l First pharaoh?

    l Only woman pharaoh?

    l Bible character who became a vizier?

    l Most famous pharaoh tomb?

    l Reasons Egypt declined in power?

    l Area near Thebes where tombs of many pharaohs have been found?

    l Second largest continent?



    Lesson 5 and 6 Study Guide


    1. What is the smallest unit of a chemical?

    2. What is the recommended amount of water you should drink each day?

    3. What is dehydration?

    4. What is a simple carbohydrate and examples?

    5. What is a complex carbohydrate and examples?

    6. What are proteins made of?

    7. How many essential amino acids are there?

    8. What is the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats?

    9. Which one is better for you?

    10. What are trans fats?

    11. What type of breads are better for you?

    12. Be able to give 4 examples of foods containing each vitamin, calcium, iron, and iodine (only one).

    13. What is the name of the system that includes your nose, trachea, and lungs?

    14. What do we call the water vapor in the air?

    15. Be able to walk me through the steps that the air takes between entering your body and the blood. Be able to list all parts of the pharynx and other major pieces to the system.

    16. What are holes in your head that make it lighter and continue the warming, moisturizing, and filtering of air?

    17. Pink projection hanging down from your soft palate is the ?

    18. How does your voice box work?

    19. List four things that can happen to a smoker’s respiratory system.

    20. Be able to show Miss Dial the Heimlich Maneuver.


  • January 13 Snow Day

    If anyone has any questions please call, text, or email me. 
    5th Spelling
    Have your parents give you your spelling test.

    5th Grammar
    Take your 'A' preposition quiz. Study the prepositions that start with 'A'. Then put away all studying and write as many as you can from memory.
    Pages 122-124 

    5th Reading
    Read Chapter 5. On a blank piece of paper write up a Just the Facts sheet.

    2nd Reading
    Read pages 40-51
    New sight word: trouble
    7th Spelling
    Luke and Sam: Have your parents give you your spelling test.
    7th Grammar
    Take your quiz-no books. Do pages 119, 121, 122.
    Test is Wednesday
    5th and 6th History
    Take your quiz-no books. Do skill sheet 15 (in your workbook).
    Check back on the blog later for the study guide. Test will be Wednesday.
    5th and 6th Science
    NBJ 91 How Many Breaths? and Molecule Movement. 
    Check back on the blog later for the study guide.  Test will be next Friday.
  • Snowday January 20, 2016

    6 Grammar

    No pretest this week, so make sure you study your spelling words for Friday. Page 76 in Spelling.

    Grammar-pages 181, 182, 183, and 186-7 Using Pronouns. Test is still Monday.


    5 Grammar

    No pretest this week, so make sure you study your spelling words for Friday. Pages 64 and 65 in Spelling. 

    Take your Grammar test, no looking in your book. Then do pages 158 and 159. If you need any help with this, don't hesitate to contact me!


    2 Reading

    Read pages 247-256 and do workbook pages 129-132. Make sure to read 60 minutes by Monday and record them on your log!


    5 and 6 History

    Take your test. After you have gone through the entire test, you may use your notes. Try all of the questions. Make sure to bring your notes on Friday to be turned in.

    Read 15.1 and 15.2 and do the notes for them.  Study your Midwest states and capitals.


    8 Reading

    Read chapters 5 and 6. Work on their worksheet. It will be due sometime next week, after we read chapter 10. Your Chapter 1-4 worksheet should already be finished, so you shouldn't have to touch it today. 


    7 Grammar

    There is no pretest this week, so study your words for Friday's test.

    Take your quiz-no books. Do pages 167-171. They should help you to review for the test. Study as best you can and we will talk about the test first thing on Friday. 


    5 and 6 Reading

    6th Grade-page 142 in Jump In

    5th Grade-pages 38-39 in Jump In   If you get stuck, contact me!

    Page 45 in handwriting-don't forget to do it in cursive.

    Read Chapters 7 and 8. Your worksheet for chapters 5-7 is due on Friday. I believe one of you does not have this worksheet. Call, text, or email me if you don't so I can send you the questions! 

  • 2/2 New 7th spelling words





















    Please ignore all capital letters, as none of these words should be capitalized. 

  • 7th Grammar- New words





















  • 5th Science 3-3

    Take your test.  Put in in an envelope, seal it, have parent sign the seal, bring it back on Wednesday.

    Read section 5.1

    take notes

    Do the comprehension check on page 126 

  • 6th Reading 3-3

    Jump In Skill 15 pages 96-97

    Read the Voyages story on pages 29-37.  Do the questions at the end. 

  • 6th History 3-3

    Skills Sheets (history workbook) numbers 26 and 29

    Read 10.1

    Write your notes

    Do the comprehension check on page 174 

  • 5th Grammar 3-3

    Spelling- cross off elephant, guitar, squid, address, conduct, technique, and pamphlet.  Your Bible books are Colossians and 1 & 2 Thessalonians

    Do the word sort on page 94. Include all 20 of the new words.  Meaning do not leave any blanks.  Also, do page 95.


    Grammar: page 144 D, E evens

    page 145 F, G evens

    page 146 A 



  • 7th Reading 3-3

    Test on Wednesday

    Jump In Skill 4 page 180

    Read Tom Sawyer chapters 31 and 32

    Write your journal.  Don't forget to include summary and personal comments! 

  • 5th Science 2-10

    Okay guys, Planning on the test on Wednesday.  However, We can't keep putting things off because of this test.  

    So-keep studying for the chapter 3 test.

    Read section 4.1 do the comprehension check on page 96 

  • 6th Reading 2-10

    pages 269, 270-274, and 275 Questions page 274

    Jump In Skill 9 pages 83-84

    Vocabulary:   fashioning-making, building; heed-to pay attention; haunches-the hips, buttocks, and upper thighs of an animal; warily-on guard, watchfully; lupines-any plant in the pea family; faggot-a bundle of sticks bound together often used for firewood or a torch; singed-scorched, lightly burned; thong-a strip of leather or other material used for binding

    No Islands reading today. 

  • 6th History 2-10

    Quiz on Wednesday

    Test on Friday

    Start looking at the 50 States and Capitals at the back of the book, we are going to start memorizing it.  

    Chapter Checkup sections C, D, F (you may use complete sentences if you choose) 

  • 5th Grammar 2-10

    Spelling:  Word Sort page 82.  Page 83.  Alex-your turn again to choose 2 words to knock off two words from our spelling list.  Bible books: Acts and Romans.

    Grammar:  We are looking at our test for Wednesday

    pages 130, 131, and 132 

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