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School Board Minutes

General Session Minutes - 8/18/14

ACS Board Meeting Minutes
August 18, 2014 6:30 pm

Board Present: Jennifer Boatright, Michal Herrington, Kim Mabry, Josh Greer, Adam Cormican, Chris Patton, Jon Church
Interested Parties: Gaye Hiller, Kathy Greer, Casey Sumner, Eric Rehmer, Christine McKinney, Andrew & Angela Eia

Opening: 45 min
Open in prayer – Kim Mabry
New Teacher testimonies:  McKinney, Eia
Secretary’s Report:  Michal Herrington
Minutes from June 30, 2014 
o Motion to approve minutes
Jon Church
Second:  Kim Mabry
Treasurer’s Report: Jon Church
o New budget indicates a significant difference in projected income and expenses for 2014-15.  ACS has never been a budget-driven school…God provides.  We will be conscientious about spending and be mindful to be good stewards.
JG/Can we use fundraising revenue to cover the deficit?
CS/Family Club can help with various expenses as able
JB/Wait until September to make decisions; student and family numbers will be set and we’ll be better able to make decisions.
o Treasurer has been made administrator on all ACS accounts; now receive all e-statements (saves $3 per paper statement); treasurer can now make transfers between accounts
o Motion to accept new budget for 2014-15 & monthly report
Adam Cormican
Second:  Josh Greer
Principal’s Report – Kathy Greer
o Teachers – (resigned) Farr, Venable, Boyd, Sparks
(new) Chancellor, Daniel, McKinney, Bessert, Eia, Turner
o STUCO Adviser still needed
o Grades at capacity – 7, 8, 11 & 12
o Two families in application process (sophomore & freshman)
o Current enrollment: 69 students/43 families
Eric Rehmer – New Athletic Director
Gave his testimony then asked what the Board expects of him.
JB/CR created a job description for this position and for schedulers.  Make adjustments as needed; schedule games yourself if that’s a better fit for you.  JB will meet to give general overview of position.
JC/Board – academics come first and sports should not interfere
ER/Agrees; doesn’t like students leaving school early
KG/Shorter school day has helped with this issue
Open Discussion
o Vision committee – MH/Herrington, Mabry, Patton & Church; met prior to board meeting to pray and discuss vision of the board for the school.  Seeking God together for our school is paramount, not just serving as a decision-making body.  Priorities discussed: (1) supporting administration and teachers; want to know specific needs so we can pray specifically; (2) promote and pray for greater unity of our school; be more proactive and intentional; (3) vocalize the purpose of ACS whenever appropriate; (4) Consider ways to be more thoughtful and discerning during the interview process and in making decisions about families making application.  Committee will attempt to meet one hour prior to board meetings each month
Old Business
o Discipline Policy & Procedure
Administration continues to review and make adjustments
o Board Oversight Committees
Seniors – Jon Church
Boston – Adam Cormican
Athletics – Kim Mabry
Academic – Jennifer Boatright/Board President
Student Council – Michal Herrington
Family Club – Chris Patton
o Security update –
KG/met with security company recommended by Brian Daniel; haven’t received estimate yet
Other options – need a system that will turn off over weekends; simpler than the full systems presented thus far
JB/$600 for crash door estimate (can be moved to new building when built)
JB/JG - contact Cliff McBride for input; we don’t want monitoring

New Business
o Accepted letter of resignation from board member, Carlos Leon
o JB/we paid annual registration of name w/Secretary of State
o Policies: Academic 4200 – Academic Standards
Academic 4530 – name change, State Fair Career & Tech. Ctr. Academic 4510 – Independent Study
o Motion to approve policies as revised
Chris Patton
Second:  Kim Mabry
Health 5300, 5310, 5320 (Make one policy with adjustments as recorded by JB)
Administrative 5205 – School/Class tardiness – change: after 8:10 a student is deemed tardy
o Motion to approve change
Josh Greer
Second:  Kim Mabry
o Transportation (ACS activities): question arose by parent; old athletic committee policy addresses who may drive students to and from games; 
JB/our insurance only covers students at school or at other sites of games, not in transit;
ER/will communicate that to coaches and families
o Family contacts – New assignments made
Prayer Requests: Admin & teachers
STUCO advisor
Norris Herrington – employment
Jennifer Boatright – surgery, chemo, healing

Next meeting: September 29, 2014 @ 6:30
o Motion to adjourn
Jon Church
Second: Kim Mabry
Published Sunday, November 16, 2014 6:22 PM by Josh Greer


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