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School Board Minutes

General Session Minutes - 9/29/14

ACS Board Meeting Minutes
September 29, 2014 6:30 pm

Board Present: Jon Church, Michal Herrington, Kim Mabry, Josh Greer
Interested Parties: Gaye Hiller, Kathy Greer, Eric Rehmer, Debbie Church

Open in prayer – Josh Greer
Secretary’s Report:  Michal Herrington
Minutes from August 18, 2014 
o Motion to approve minutes
Josh Greer
Second:  Kim Mabry
Treasurer’s Report: Kim Mabry
o Kim Mabry has been added as an administrator on all accounts.
o Motion to approve
Josh Greer
Second:  Michal Herrington
Principal’s Report – Kathy Greer
o Teachers – Groshart/Chapel
20 total (18 paid); 11/18 do not have children at ACS
o STUCO Adviser – Christine McKinney
o 71 f-t students/45 families/no course select
o Two new families – Raines(Trowbridge) & Peterson
o Fundraising Dinner – Jamie Patton, Coordinator; info went out to families 9/12; speaker, Brian Young; western theme; Table of 5 catering $9/person
o Re: church attendance by families; two are searching for a church home; one reports home church, will be asked to give a description of spiritual activity
KG/One pastor reported non-attendance of family; how do we address?
JC/Will call particular family and discuss
Open Discussion: None
Old Business
o Vision Committee – Will resume next month if all can attend
o Discipline Policy & Procedure
Administration has completed review; will meet with MH to revise
o Board Oversight Committees (re-assigned due to board changes)
Seniors – Josh Greer
Boston – Adam Cormican
Athletics – Kim Mabry
Academic – Board President, Jon Church
Student Council – Michal Herrington
Family Club – Chris Patton
o Security update –
KG/Still waiting on bid
JG/Cliff McBride wants to make a bid on behalf of Custom Communications (JG would oversee hardware purchase; Cliff would oversee installation)
New Business
o Policies: Health 5300, 5310, 5320 (JB still working on)
o Athletic Committee Report:  Eric Rehmer
All fall sports teams have a winning season so far
ER spoke with team schedulers; they now have deadlines for setting games (Soccer & VB – 8/1; Basketball – 10/1; Girls’ Soccer – 2/1)
Question: Current ACS student turned 19 before school year began; athletic handbook states anyone 19+ ineligible to play; will the board approve a waiver of this rule for this student…athletic committee will amend their policy in coming months.
o Motion to approve one-time waiver of age restriction for current ACS student prior to Athletic Committee revision of their policy
Kim Mabry
Second:  Michal Herrington
Question re: travel distance for junior high basketball teams; prior discussions have led to parents of each team making decision; would like it to be consistent with other junior high teams – one hour.
JC/Board always supports priority of academics; younger students need more time for sleep and study; make a decision as a committee knowing we support the one-hour restriction
Next Athletic Committee meeting – October 20th at 5 pm
Basketball parent meeting – October 20th at 7 pm
o Re: Fundraising Dinner
Discussion re: sponsors; JC spoke with JB; she and Matt have always made corporate contacts re: sponsorship; they will continue; also suggested alumni be contacted for support and attendance
MH/Jamie Patton, as dinner coordinator, should oversee this function
JC/Will contact Jamie
GH/suggested asking alumni their thoughts on being asked to support financially or participate in some type of sponsorship
Prayer Requests: Admin & teachers
New STUCO advisor – Christine McKinney
Norris Herrington – employment
Jennifer Boatright – chemo (begins 10/6)
Birdsong family (death)
Casey Sumner (birth)
Jon – wisdom in addressing situation
Next meeting: October 20, 2014 @ 6:30
o Motion to adjourn
Josh Greer
Second: Michal Herrington
Published Sunday, November 16, 2014 6:28 PM by Josh Greer


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