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School Board Minutes

General Session Minutes: 1/12/2015

ACS Board Meeting Minutes
January 12, 2015 6:30 pm

Board Present: Jon Church, Michal Herrington, Kim Mabry, Josh Greer, Adam Cormican, Chris Patton

Interested Parties: Kathy Greer, Gaye Hiller, Eric Rehmer, Debbie Church, Amy Furrey, Brenda Nevels, Bobbi Dittmer


Open in prayer – Kim Mabry
Teacher Testimony – B. Nevels (P.E.), B. Dittmer (Biology, Economics, var. 5th)
Secretary’s Report:  Michal Herrington
Minutes from November 17, 2014 
o Motion to approve minutes
Kim Mabry
Second:  Chris Patton

Treasurer’s Report: Kim Mabry
o Discussion: Tuition receipts do not include December; Thanksgiving Feast expenses seem unusually high; KM will review with Darla Steel, Coordinator
o Motion to approve
Josh Greer
Second: Michal Herrington

Principal’s Report – Kathy Greer
o Fundraising Dinner receipts to date: $9370
o C. McKinney resigned; Dittmer, Blake & Dial assumed class schedule; Greer & Church assumed Student Council Advisor role
o Two families have not assumed parent jobs for the year; administration has communicated a deadline to do so by January 31; Board will address the issue if it continues
o Student Council Carnival – January 31 
o 2015-16 school calendar submitted for approval 
o Motion to accept calendar
Josh Greer
Second:  Chris Patton

Family Club Report – Amy Furrey
o Current balance - $11,224.84 as of 12/31/14
o Scrip earnings - $3,133.43 (over half-way toward yearly goal)
o Officer changes: Mindy Rehmer, VP
Debra Church, Treasurer
o Concession proposal: Coaches and their families be exempt from working concessions during their respective sport season; Board approved
o Discussion re: families which do not sign up for concessions each year; JC/Compile a list of such families at end of the year and require same families to sign up first the next year

Athletic Committee – Eric Rehmer
o Winter Sports Awards: 03/02/15 @ 6:30 pm
Open Discussion: none
Old Business
o Vision Committee – nothing; will meet again @ 5:30, prior to next board meeting
o Board Oversight Committees – no updates
o Security Update – JG/spoke with all three companies; we need to first authorize the work to update our computer network, then approve the company to do the security work; Electromek recommended based on preliminary estimate and discussions.
o Motion to pursue ACS computer network update as proposed in the “Proposed ACS Network Diagram” as presented by JG on 11/17/14 with cost not to exceed $3,125. (JG will work with Maplewood Deacon, Scott Young, before and during process.)
Josh Greer
Second:  Chris Patton
o Motion to request an official quote from Electromek for security work on the ROC entryway and CEL lower floor entry door; cost not to exceed $3500
Josh Greer
Second:  Kim Mabry
o Logo – No updates
o Maplewood lease – JC met with administration to review and make suggestions; JC then met with Scott Young (Maplewood deacon overseeing lease revision);
Maplewood is conducting a cost analysis regarding cost per student
Shared copier usage needs review
Scott Young will present revised lease to MC elders then report back to ACS
Oversight by MC & ACS re: annual fee for ROC usage ($1000); paid one year then overlooked by both parties for several years; MC has forgiven past amount owed because of joint oversight; athletics pays $700, ACS $300; Athletics paid their portion today
o Grading Software: JG/recommends online system because of our antiquated hardware; MH/who will formally gather information and choose a system?
JC/Someone will have to learn the system and train every user; who will take on that task? Discussion – long process.  Debbie Church suggested the Academic Committee be tasked with the research process. JC will contact Casey Sumner, Academic Committee Chair.
o Computer network upgrade (see Security Upgrade)
New Business
o Discussion re: increase in minimum wage (+.15/now $7.65); effect on ACS budget will be minimal; budget committee will consider and discuss following receipt of letters of intent by administration
o KG/question re: teacher contract; includes a penalty of $250 should a teacher resign before the end of the academic year; we have not enforced; discussion – table until next month; pray and consider.
Prayer Requests: Norris Herrington – employment
Jennifer Boatright – chemo complete; surgery to follow
Tammy Price – chemo began today
Patton family
Next meeting: February 23, 2015 @ 6:30
o Motion to adjourn
Kim Mabry
Second: Michal Herrington
Published Friday, April 17, 2015 1:41 PM by Josh Greer


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