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School Board Minutes

General Session Minutes 3/23/2015

ACS Board Meeting Minutes
March 23, 2015 6:30 pm

Board Present: Jon Church, Michal Herrington, Adam Cormican, Chris Patton

Interested Parties: Kathy Greer, Gaye Hiller, Debbie Church, Amy Furrey, Casey Sumner


Open in prayer – Adam Cormican

Secretary’s Report:  Michal Herrington
Minutes from February 23, 2015 (taken by Josh Greer) 
o Motion to approve minutes with typos corrected
Adam Cormican
Second:  Chris Patton

Treasurer’s Report: Jon Church – compiled by Kim Mabry (absent)
o No issues
o Motion to approve
Chris Patton
Second: Adam Cormican

Principal’s Report – Kathy Greer
o Cognitive testing – March 26, 8:30 - 11:30; ITBS March 30 – April 1
o CPR/AED training – April 1; Mandy Shull
o Easter Break – April 2 – 7; classes resume April 8
o Pep Rally – April 20 (lunch)
o Continuing Ed – SFCC 4/28; a parent paid for three teachers to attend
o Family Intent Letters – 24/45 received; only 1 not returning (Daniel); 16 have not responded; 4 families leaving upon graduation
o Teacher Intent Letters – 9/20 returning; 6 not returning; 5 not received yet
o Known teacher needs – Full day 3rd; Full day 1st; Algebra I & II; History; Jr. High Boys’ Bible
o Course changes – Adding FACS (Family and Consumer Science); may not offer computer class; 

Academic Committee – Casey Sumner
o Policies 4230, 4240, 4250 – JC will send to Board for review
o Policy 4100 – CS will send to JC
o Spring evaluation and observation of teachers complete
o Question about students currently under action plans; how long should they be continued if performance doesn’t change? Discussion moved to Executive Session.

Athletic Committee – not present; Eric Rehmer has submitted his letter of resignation; discussion regarding replacement; no interest from anyone yet; Secretary and Treasurer positions also open; JC to KG: place information and request for replacement in bulletin.

Vision Committee – met the hour prior to Board meeting
o We need to define “who we are;” discussion: problems regarding lack of parental involvement, varying expectations of school responsibility vs. parental responsibility, and different perspectives regarding the type of educational entity Applewood is, i.e., homeschool co-op or private school.  Future decisions regarding events, programs and fundraising will be based on the results.  (Large scale fundraising isn’t necessary if our vision is small rather than progressive.) Also discussed various means of gathering input from families with a letter/survey combination being approved.  MH will create a draft and send to board members for input.
o Discussion regarding the 2015 fundraising dinner; agreed that current model is outdated and has possibly run its course.
o Motion to cancel fundraising dinner for Fall 2015
Adam Cormican
Second:  Michal Herrington

Open Discussion:
o Board families – once board letter goes out, contact families re: receipt and completion
o KG/Question regarding families who do not meet requirements set forth in the parental agreement and/or student action plans; both are signed by parents which indicates their agreement to comply.
DC/Do they need to come before the Board?
JC/Compile a list and yes, they will come before the Board

Old Business:
o Security update – Josh Greer; waiting on the network upgrade
o Computer network upgrade – Josh Greer; network is in good shape…should finish hardware install in two weeks
o Grading software – Casey Sumner; surveying various options ( may be a good fit for us; will test it against our needs before making a recommendation)
o Discipline Procedures – final approval with additions; forwarded to members for review prior to meeting
o Motion to approve Discipline Procedure with additions
Michal Herrington
Second: Adam Cormican

New Business
o Fundraising ideas – Chris Patton; specifics can wait upon our decisions regarding direction and vision; GH/Make sure families hear multiple times that we are considering new means of raising funds…why we need to raise money and how it will be applied
o Budget for 2015-16 – JC will work with KM to create new budget; fewer students will require a cut in elective courses
CP/Why not raise more funds so we can offer more courses?
AC/Interest in courses helps determine our need to provide it
GH/It’s good to vary offerings each year

Prayer Requests: Norris Herrington – employment
Otten family – death of Gay’s brother
ACS families – receive information with right heart
Jennifer Boatright – doing well after surgery
Tammy Price – chemo continues
Patton family

Next meeting: April 20, 2015 @ 6:30
Published Tuesday, August 25, 2015 5:19 PM by Josh Greer


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