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Whitney Hamilton

  • American Literature Journal Prompts


    I am attaching to this blog a document that include your journal prompts for chapters 14-16.  You may either print it off and use the handouts for your writing (there are lines and space for writing), or you can just get the questions and complete the assignment on notebook paper (or type it)! Either is fine.

     Attachments to blog posts are not easy to see or in an obvious place.  The attachment will show up in tiny font at the very bottom of the post. It will be under the date. Let me know if you have any problems or questions. 

    Please remember that writing assignments are weighted as test grades, so do your best.  

  • Physical Science Study Guide Answers


    I am attaching the answers to this module's study guide.  Make sure you COMPLETE the study guide first, then you may use this document to check your answers.

    Attachments to blog posts are not easy to spot or in an obvious place. They appear at the very bottom of posts, in tiny font.  They will be under the date. Let me know if you have any problems. 


  • Assignments for all classes for Monday, Jan. 15th SNOW DAY and Tuesday, Jan 16

    Themes in Literature:

    -Continue work on book review assignment and the Overview packet for The Two Towers. Due date for both assignments is still Wednesday Jan. 17th. This is your work for Monday as well as Tuesday.



    - Pick up where we left off on page 422. Read to the section quiz on page 426.

    - Continue taking notes on this chapter

    - Complete the section quiz on page 426, including the * question 

    - Read "Iraq" section page 427-430

    - Complete section quiz on page 430, including the * question 


    World Literature:

    - We were going to continue watching the movie today. Hopefully we can make time to finish it up when we come back. For today, I'd like to start reading Sparknotes over the sections of the play we won't be reading but only watching: Act III scenes ii and iii to the end of the play. Start here:

    - Also, I am including as an attachment (at the bottom of this blog entry) information sheets about an argumentative essay we will be writing. Please read over those. I will be getting you more information about this assignment (including a due date; I haven't decided on one yet, so don't stress!). Even before finishing the play/sparknotes, I think you can go ahead and start brainstorming who your leader will be and what qualities you will write about (your short writing assignment from the other day may help you here!) 


    World History:

    - Continue work on your 1640-1900 timeline. Due date has not changed, so make sure you get a full two days worth of work done between now and Wednesday! 


    Physical Science:

    -Finish study guide for the module and spend some time studying for the test. 

    -Answers to the study guide will be posted in a different blog post (I can only attach one thing to each post, and I already have an attachment on this one.)  Make sure you finish the study guide FIRST, but then check your answers.  


    American Literature:

    -Finish reading Chapter 14

    -Read Chapter 15 and 16

    -Make sure to complete 5 task card items for EACH chapter. For chapters 15 and 16 especially, focus on quotes and lessons as much as possible.  

    - In another post, I will be attaching a document with journal prompts for chapters 14-16. If you can, print off the document and complete the prompts there. If you don't have printer access, you can do them on notebook paper.  


    6th/7th World History:

     - Pick up reading where we left off on page 123. Read through page 130

    - Continue taking notes on the chapter 

    - Complete as much of the study guide as possible.  <--We will finish the chapter and go over correct answers on Wednesday

  • 6th and 7th World History HW (Thurs. Jan 11)

    -Finish your Crusades DBQ packet.  Be ready to turn it in at the beginning of class on Friday. (That means getting in contact with me if you have any questions you are unsure of how to answer!)

    - Read Doc 7 and answer the questions. Notice that 18 asks for 3-5 sentences!

    - Read Doc 8 and answer the questions. Notice that 21 asks for a PARAGRAPH! 

  • American Literature HW (Thurs. Jan 11)

    -Finish reading Chapter 12.  You need 5 task card items total for chapter 12

    -Read Chapter 13.  Complete 5 task card items


    *I will be taking a grade over task card item completion on Friday. You should have 25 total since coming back from break. We have read Chapter 9-13 since coming back from Christmas. 

  • Phy Sci HW (Thurs. Jan 11)

    -Read pages 148-151

    -Take notes over the module

    -Complete student notebook page 78 

  • 10th World Lit and World History HW (Thurs. Jan 11)

    World Lit

    -Choose one of the prompts from the handout given in class, and write a 200-300 word "essay."  Response should be typed and in MLA format.  200-300 words is LESS than a page and a half typed. 


    World History:

    - Continue work on timeline project.

    -Make sure parents see the assignment packet and initial that they have seen it. I will be checking for that on Friday.  

  • 9th Themes and Geography HW (Thurs. Jan. 11)


    - Read the LAST CHAPTER of The Two Towers

    - Complete 5 task cards items over the chapter



    -Begin The Middle East Unit

    -Read pages 415-420

    - take notes over the reading

    - complete the section quiz at the end of the reading, include the * question 

  • Geography Study Guide

    I've attached the answers to the study guide as a document to this post--remember that document attachments appear at the bottom of posts in very small font!

    Please check your study guide AFTER you have it fully completed to make sure you are studying the correct information for tomorrow's test.

    A completion grade will be given for the study guide--do not just print this off! Study guide must be filled in BY HAND to receive credit!  

  • 6th/7th World History HW (Tues. Jan 9)

    -Read Documents 5 and 6 in your Crusades DBQ packet. Answer all the corresponding questions. 
  • American Lit HW (Tues. Jan 9)

    -Complete 2 task card items for the end of Chapter 10, if needed

    -Read Chapter 11

    -Complete 5 task card items for Chapter 11 

  • Phy Sci HW (Tues. Jan 9)

    -Read pages 137-144

    -Complete student notebook pages 74-75


    Additional Homework Project:

    - topic for science project needs to be determined by this Friday

    -Written report is due Friday Feb. 23

    -Visual and Oral presentation due Friday March 2nd. 

    **Remember that this project is in ADDITION to regular homework.  

  • 10th World Lit and World History HW (Tues. Jan 9)

    World Lit

    -Finish annotating Antony speech handout

    -Write an overview of the rest of the speech (starts on page 87 of the book and continues to the end of the scene).  Overview should include an explanation of what rhetorical strategies (logos, pathos, ethos) he is using, and what he is trying to accomplish with the rest of his speech. This overview can be written at the bottom of the speech handout


    World History

    -Finish Chpt 15 Section 3 Review if needed (just #s 1,3,5 and 7)

    -Have a parent read and sign the historical timeline project information

    -Begin work on your timeline. I would suggest making a plan for the 2 weeks of the project, as well as getting a full "day's" worth of work done (i.e. 45 minutes of homework time) 

  • 9th Themes and Geography HW (Tues. Jan 9)


    - Read Chapter 9 and complete 5 task cards

    - 20 task cards (5 from last Thursday, 5 from Friday, 5 from Monday, and 5 from Tuesday) will be checked in class on Wednesday. Make sure you define any words you wrote down for this section of text



    -Complete study guide for the test. This will be a completion grade.

    -Study guide answers will be posted TOMORROW so that you can check your answers and have the right information to study.  It is to your benefit to fill out the study guide first, and then check your answers. 

    -Test on Wednesday 

  • 6th and 7th World History HW (Thurs. Jan 4)

    -Finish New Year's handout.  Sections 1-4, and 10, should be completed filled in.  Make sure you only use ADJECTIVES on section 10

    -Complete the first page, front and back, of the Crusades packet 

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