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Whitney Hamilton

  • Thursday, March 22 Homework (all classes)

    Themes in Lit

    -study for test



    -study for test


    World Literature

    -read chapters 3-5 of Cry, the Beloved Country


    World History

    -Take notes over section 2


    Phy Sci

    -study for test


    American Literature

    -complete anticipation guide for Fahrenheit 451

    -Read introduction handout


    6th/7th World History

    French Revolution Interactive Timeline Page

    -look up the dates for each event, and write the date under the name of the event

    -draw and color a picture in each box that symbolized each event 

  • Tuesday, March 20th Homework (all classes except Themes)


    -Finish study guide and review for the test on Friday 


    World Literature

    -Complete Cry, The Beloved Country Anticipation Guide

    -Read Introduction pages 19-30 


    World History

     -Read pages 403-405

    -Take notes


    Phy Sci

    -Read pages 334-336

    -Complete Study Guide 


    American Literature

    -Finish novel

    -Pearl Group: Theme paragraph due tomorrow

    -Be prepared to discuss the plot, themes, and literary elements of your novel in class tomorrow  


    6th/7th World History

    -Read pages 244-248

    -Complete first 4 vocab words in interactive notebook

    -Complete the "Estate System of France" page in interactive notebook

    -Finish cutting/pasting Guillotine page of interactive notebook 

  • Themes in Literature Homework (Tues. March 20)

    Themes: Copy the rest of the study guide

    Order of Events

    1. Sam rescues Frodo from the Tower of Cirith Ungol

    2. Sam and Frodo go to Mount Doom. 

    3. Gollum attacks them. 

    4. The ring is destroyed. 

    5. The eagles save Sam and Frodo and they are reunited with the fellowship. 

    6. Aragorn is crowned King of Gondor 

    7. The fellowship returns to their separate homes, and on the way they pass Saruman. 

    8. Once the hobbits get back to the Shire, they found out Sharkey had taken over

    9. They fight and take back the Shire.  

    10. The Gaffer complains to Frodo because his 'tater patch got ruined. 

    11. They go to the Grey Havens



    Mordor - the evil place, home of Sauron

    Mount Doom- Where the ring is destroyed

    Cirith Ungol - a pass/fortress near Minas Morgul

    Barad-dur - home of Sauron

    Black Gate - most fortified and direct entrance into Mordor

    Minas Tirith - Where Aragorn is crowned King 

    Rivendell- Where Bilbo's 129th birthday is celebrated 

    Bree-  village east of the Shire, Frodo was once considered suspicious there, now he is hailed a hero

    Grey Havens- Elvish port city 


    Characters to Add

    Lotho - Frodo's greedy cousin

    Wormtongue - killed Lotho 


    Quotes: In addition to copying the quote, write why you think each quote is significant, and what theme you think it is most closely connect to. 

    "Sam felt that he could sit like that in endless happiness, but it was not allowed. It was not enough for him to find his master, he had still to try and save him."

    "It would be just to slay this treacherous, murderous creature, just and many times deserved, also it seemed the only safe thing to do. But deep in his heart there was something that restrained him."

    "I am glad you are here with me. Here at the end of all things, Sam."

    "Wormtongue hesitated, and then followed his master."

    "...the Third Age was over, and the Days of the Rings were passed, and an end was come to the story and song of those times."



  • Thursday, March 15 Homework (all classes)


    -work on PSA presentation



    - Read pages 515-518

    -Complete section quiz (including * question)


    World Literature

    - Continue to review for Animal Farm Test on Monday

    Here are some study materials:  

    Historical Context of Animal Farm: 

    Type of literature and partial list of Russian Revolution counterparts:

    Review of the types of persuasion:


    World History

    -Review for Friday's history test


    Physical Science

    -Sn pages 162-163

    -Read pgs 325-236

    -Sn pg 164 


    American Literature

    -Continue working on literature circle novel


    6th/7th World History

    -Read pages 235-238 


  • Tuesday, March 13 Homework (All classes)


     PSA Project

    -PSA Example: Watch one of the following Public Service Announcements, and fill in the graphic organizer with information about the PSA. Answer the questions at the bottom of the page as well. Please be sure to indicate when PSA you are analyzing.   Since all these examples are less than a minute long, I highly encourage you to watch all of them, regardless of which on you complete the worksheet over.  

    - Example #1:

    -Example #2:

    - Example #3:

    -Example #4:

    -Continue work on your PSA.  At this point you should finalize your lesson, and be coming up with more definite ideas on what to use for your opening hook, informational elements, and key information. 



    -Read pages 509-511

    -Complete the section quiz (including * question)


    World Literature

    -Presentation of group propaganda project is Wednesday! Make sure that if there is anything you still need to do or work on (I.e. practice the script, create any visuals), you get those things done today. Wednesday in class you need to have time to just practice with your group. 

    -Animal Farm test will be next Monday. Get a head start on reviewing for the test by using the review games below

    - (Ignore miscellaneous section)



    World History

    - Complete the Chpt 24 and 25 study guide.  We will review on Wednesday, test is on Friday

    - Get a head start memorizing dates and battle information. Here is a quizlet for you to use to study that information: 


    Phy. Sci. 

     -Read pages 317-319

    -Complete Student Notebook pages 161-162


    American Lit

    -Continue reading literature circle novel and completing written work 


    6th and 7th World History

    -Study for test

    -Complete take home test for chapter 16  

  • Thursday, March 8 Homework (all classes)


    -Finish Chapter 6

    -Read Chapter 7

    -5 task cards completed for each chapter 



    -Read pages 499-503

    -Complete section quiz


    World Lit

    --Work on Propaganda Game group project


    World History

    -Fill in list of 20 most important facts from Sections 1-3 (Due Friday)

    Ongoing work:

    -Extra HW Project: Driving Question and one source due Monday March 19

    -Causation Chart due test day (next Friday)


    Physical Science

    -study for Friday's Test


    American Lit

    -Literature Circle work


    World History (6th and 7th)

    -Read pages 201-204 (stop at "Other Nations")

    -Pick topic of interest for extra homework project from list given in class. Narrow down choices to 2 bullet points.  

  • Tuesday, March 6 Homework (all classes)


    -Answer the following questions about the "King of Hearts" reading.  Be sure to answer in complete sentences that restate the question. 

    1. Write a paragraph explaining all the ways that Aragorn has been symbolical of Christ. 

    2. The reflection states that "In our heart of hearts, each of us longs to serve the true king."  This is evident throughout the many historical examples given in the passage of people's undying loyalty to monarchs who have passed away. Write about at least 2 modern examples of people serving a "king" (may not be a literal king), desperate to fulfill their natural tendency of loyalty to something better than themselves.



    -Read pages 493-395 (stop before "The Congo Basin")

    -Answer the question: What are the good elements of African village life?


    World Literature

    -Complete the assignment reflection over your Julius Caesar argument essay. Make sure the "Write" section is a paragraph, and you consider multiple ways in which you could improve.  Consider things not related to grades, such as effort, trying your best, and time management, since everyone good a good grade. 

    -Find a piece of written "propaganda" and determine what arguments (logos, pathos, ethos) and techniques are being used.  

    **Pretty much, this means your simply looking for a written piece that expresses opinion, and is trying to persuade the audience to think or feel a certain way.  You could look on almost any newpaper website and look at their opinion  or editorial page. 

    **For more ideas, check out the chart at this website: 

    -On this chart, sources that tend to lean "right" (or conservative) are towards the right, left (liberal) is to the left, but more importantly, fair, factual reporting is towards the top, and things that are biased or propaganda are towards the bottom.  (At least that is the claim.  I have heard plenty of people say there are some inaccuracies, and that's very possible.) For this assignment of determining arguments of opinion pieces, sources towards the very bottom, and to either the far left or the far right would probably be the easiest to find specific arguments and techniques. 


    World History

    -Finish Reading Section 5


    Physical Science

    - Finish study guide


    American Literature

    -complete work schedule by your group for your literature circle


    6th and 7th World History

    -Complete classwork if you did not finish: Section 16.1 Review #s 2, 5, 7-10, and Section 16.2 Review #s 1, 4, and 8 (Write in complete sentences that restate the question)

    -Read Sections 16.3 and 16.4  


  • 6th/7th World History HW (Thurs. March 1)

    -Read pages 186-191 (Chapter 16, Section 1)
  • Physical Science HW (Thurs. March 1)

    Complete pages 101 and 102 in the student notebook 
  • American Lit Hw (Thurs. March 1)

    -Complete TKAM film question handout if needed. Due Friday

    -Begin Literature Work circle. With your group, decide how much to read and what "role sheets" to complete.  

  • 10th World Lit and History

    World Lit

    -Finish Chpt 10 questions if needed

    -Complete the "After Reading Questions" page in the Animal Farm packet. Remember, think big idea and themes when answering. What are the lessons you can apply to real life?

    -Revisit the Anticipation Guide. Reread the statements and your responses. For each statement, in a different color or on a different page, write whether anything that happened in Animal Fram/Russian Revolution has changed your thinking 


    World History

    -Complete Section 2 review

    -Review Sections 1-3 of the chapter. Make a list of what you feel to be the 20 most important pieces of information from the chapter in those sections.  

  • 9th Themes and Geography HW (Thurs. March 1)


    -Read Chapter 4

    -Complete 5 task card items



    -Study for Friday's Test

    Here are some things to study we did not go over in class:

    1. Which country surrounds Lesotho

    2. Which country bacame the major battleground between Cold War superpowers in sub-Saharan Africa?

    3. What common language of people on the east coast of Africa developed long before European colonists arrived? 

    Know the following terms (this is information for a multiple choice section):

    •  savanna
    • Coloureds
    • escarpment
    • apartheid 
    Essay Question: Describe apartheid and its effect on the country of its origin
    -Should be at least 5 sentences
    -Define apartheid and name the country
    -List at least 3 things that happened within the country as part of apartheid
    -Mention how other countries viewed this country because of apartheid
    -Tell the effects of apartheid on the country socially and economically  
  • 6th/7th World History HW (Tues. Feb. 27)

    -Study for Chapter 13-15 Test

    -Study dates using the flash cards at this link:

    -Complete take home test and bring it back in a signed/sealed envelope on Wednesday 

  • Phy Sci HW (Tues. Feb. 27)

    -Complete page 99 in student notebook

    -Read pages 190-194 

  • American Literature HW (Tues. Feb. 27)

    Prepare your PSA presentation for Wednesday. Check the rubric to make sure you have everything required. Practice your timing to make sure you hit the 1 minute mark (you might actually need to have a higher word count than what the packet suggested). If you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to contact me.  

    *Remember also that the TKAM Film question handout is due Friday. Obviously, you still have some time to finish it, but you will have other homework as well on Thursday.  

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