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Whitney Hamilton

  • 6th/7th World History HW (Thurs. Nov. 16)

    Study for Chpt 8 and 9 test. 

    Answers on the study guide should all be correct, as we have gone over them in class.  Use the study guide to study for the test.  

  • American Lit HW (Thurs. Nov 16)

    Study for Friday's test!

    In class we covered author information. Remember to review the literary movements short answer section from the last test; most of those same questions will reappear in exactly the same format. 

    Other information to study: 

    •  Elements of Romanticism in "A Republic of Prairie Dogs"
    • Main plot points of "The Tell-Tale Heart" 
    • Review questions for Ralph Waldo Emerson's Self-Reliance and overall values of Transcendentalism
    • Types of characters in "Thank You Ma'am"
    • Theme of "Theme for English B"
    • Speaker in "Midwinter Blues"
    • typical subjects found in blues music
    • Literary terminology matching: there are some terms we talked about briefly as they came up in class and I tried to compile a list. On the test this will be a matching section, so it should be fairly simple since these terms are all quite different. Make sure you know the meaning of: dialect vs. dialogue, free verse, speaker, protagonist, tone, and utopia.  
  • Phy Sci HW (Thurs. Nov. 16)

    -Take notes over pages 105-108

    -Read to page 113, up to "The Ocean"

    -Complete SN pg 60 

  • 10th World Lit and History HW (Thurs. Nov. 16)

    World Literature: 

    -read pages v-wv in your Julius Caesar  by William Shakespeare text.  Take notes.

    -Brainstorm a list of at least 10 characteristics that you think good leaders should have

    - I am attaching a study guide for the Greek Lit test.  Remember that attachments are found at the bottom of the post, under the date, in tiny font.  Please print the study guide or copy the information to have in class on Friday. 

    -Continue work on narrative; rough draft is due Friday 


    World History:

    - Continue working on Greek Empire/Roman Empire Powerpoint. 

    -Please watch the following video about citing pictures in a powerpoint:

    A few words on citing all sources using Easybib: make sure you do not just put the web address in Easybib and then do nothing else.  Easybib does not always find all the information.  It is your responsibility to go to the website and search for additional information that Easybib did not find.  Many times there is a date, title, publisher, or author that Easybib does not include in their citation. You need to fill in extra information into their template to create a more complete, correct citation. 

     -Here is another video. It is longer, but I don't need you to watch the whole thing:

    -Watch from 3:30-.3:55. This shows an example of an in-text citation for both information AND a photo. Note that the citations for photos can be styled how you like; I know you don't want your slides to look cluttered. You can change the font and size so that it's small and looks nice. This section of the video also serves as a reminder that the in-text citation should always guide the reader/viewer to the Works Cited citation, and thus should BE the first piece of info found in the Works Cited citation. 

    -Then watch from 7:01-8:18. It is about in-text citations for photos.  You will see an example on the screen. Please note that if there is not a photographer as shown, you will use the title of the pic if you can find it, and if not, you then need to use an ABBREVIATED web address. In other words, don't use something long and tacky looking like, you would need to shorten it to it's most essential form--just, whatever the website is. 

    -Don't forget that you also have a current event this week.  

  • 9th Themes and Geography HW (Thurs. Nov. 15)


    -Study for The Two Towers Book 3 test



    -Answer #5 and the star question from page 143 on the back of your objective handout

    -Read pages 144-146 and answer the corresponding objectives (you should only be finished with numbers 1 and 2) 

  • 6th/7th World History HW (Tues. Nov. 14)

    -Read Section 9.2

    -Finish Chpt 8 and 9 study guide 

  • American Lit Hw (Tues. Nov. 14)

    -Read "Blues Poems" essay TWICE

    -first time to familiarize yourself with content

    -second time to write only the most important details on your notes

    -Complete questions 1-5 


    Be aware that there will be a test on Friday and a review game on Wednesday.  Please begin to review the following information:

    -Biographical information on all authors since the last test: Benjamin Franklin, Phillis Wheatley, Thomas Jefferson, Washington Irving, Edgar Allen Poe, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Langston Hughes

    -Literary Movements: Rationalism, Romanticism, Transcendentalism, Realism, Modernism, Harlem Renaissance

    -Know which authors belong to which movements

    -Know types of characters: flat, round, dynamic, static


    More information will be provided.   

  • Phy Sci HW (Tues. Nov. 14)

    -Complete test corrections if needed

    -Read "Did it Rain Before the Flood"

    -Complete both graphic organizers over determining the important details of a passage 

  • 10th World Lit and History HW (Tues. Nov. 14)

    World Lit

    -Answer Epilogue questions 1-4 on page 343

    -Join EdPuzzle and complete video assignments

    - <--use link to join.  Either create username and password or join using Google account

    -If the above link doesn't work for you, just go to Edpuzzle and join from the home page.  Once you have an account, use the code gatuvoh to join my "class" and view the video assignments. 

    -There will be 2 videos. Both will have questions to answer throughout the video

    -Make sure to complete both videos and all questions. Answer questions to the best of your ability. 


    World History

    -Continue work on Chapter 8 reading and Greek/Roman powerpoint

    -Be prepared to show progress first thing in class on Wednesday in order to get your daily grade for Tuesday's work.  


  • 9th Themes and Geography HW (Tues. Nov. 14)


    Complete the following study guide for our test over the first part of The Two Towers. Completion of the study guide will be a grade.  Then, in class on Wednesday, we will go over our answers and play a review game.  Thursday students will study for the test, and the test will be in class on Friday. 

    Study guide: 

    Identify the following people and places, writing the most important information about each. 

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    Emyn Muil



    Gap of Rohan

    Helm’s Deep




    Tol Brandir

    (These will be matching on the test)

    For each of the following vocabulary words, write a sentence







     Answer the following questions. They could appear on the test in the form of short answer, multiple choice, or true/false.

    What did Boromir do before he died? 

    What does Pippin do to help Aragorn follow his and Merry's trail?

    How do Merry and Pippin escape from the Orcs? 

    What has Saruman done that angers Treebeard?

    What was Gandalf's "classification" before his death and rebirth? After?

    What other characters in the story have a figurative death and rebirth? 

    Why was Eomer imprisoned upon his return to Edoras? 

    Why do King Theoden and his men ride toward Helm's Deep?

    How is Saruman's army defeated at Helm's Deep?

    Was Saruman by nature evil? Explain how he came to be on Sauron's side. 

    What is the major difference between Isengard in the past and Isengard in "the latter days of Saruman"? 



    -Read pages. 137-139

    -Complete section quiz

    -Complete page 49 in Activity Book 

  • American Lit HW (Thurs. Nov. 9)

    -Complete all four questions in the book about "The Old Man at the Bridge." This can be handwritten.

    -Complete the 3 video assignments on EdPuzzle. Each video is no more than 3 minutes.  There is one about Realism and 2 about Modernism. 

    -You will need to log into you EdPuzzle account to access these videos. They have been "assigned." However, if you have any trouble, you can access them from the following web address


    -Modernism Part 1:

    -Modernism Part 2: 

  • 6th/7th World History HW (Thurs. Nov. 8)

    -Complete Section 8.3 notes

    -Answer the next 2 sections of the study guide  

  • Phy Sci. HW (Thurs. Nov. 8)

    Test over Module 4 is Friday.  Thursday should be used to study for the test, double check student notebook pages for completion and correctness, and finish the lab reports for the experiments we performed for this module.  

    Here are the extra questions for the test. These will be considered bonus. 

    -Give an example of experiemental error in an experiment we have performed as a class.

    -Epsom salts has the chemical formula MgSO4. How many of each atom exists in a molecule of Epsom salts?

    -A certain molecule is composed of atoms that all pull on electrons with the same strength. Will the molecule be polar? Explain you answer (no point awarded without explanation). 

  • 10th World Lit and World History HW (Thurs. Nov. 8)

    World Lit: 

    -Read Episode 3 of Antigone


    World History:

    -Complete Take-Home Test.  

  • 9th Themes and Geography HW (Thurs. Nov. 9)


    -Read Chapter 11 of The Two Towers.  Friday, we will work in our Chpt 10/11 packets on the questions for Chapter 11



    -Complete "Living in God's World" from the Chapter 5 Review. Answer number 1 and 2.  #1 should be at least 7-8 sentences.  Assignment should be typed and in MLA format.  

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